Our People Are In High Spirit To Welcome Mr President- Joel Madaki By Tom Garba, Yola

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Adamawa state is wearing a new look in their expectation of President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday, this is as strategic areas like the venue of the events, Ribadu square and the Government House are repainted and given a new look while some structures are renovated, the major rounds about are also being work upon, while security check is said to be at alert.
It will recall that President Jonathan’s visit to Adamawa is coming when the PDP in the state is having various meetings of reconciliation all in a bid to ensure that peace returns to the party before the February polls.
While addressing the delegates the State party chairman Chief Joel Madaki told them that peace movement has started since last week, from every facet  of the party and to all that matter, to forgive and forge ahead for February 2015 polls.
“We called you here because you are very important to our party that if I can be called upon to forgive my offenders because I was truly offended me and my secretary, we don’t have no any excuse than to forgive, I am standing here also on behalf of the party officials to please forgive every one with all the ills that bedevilled our party some few weeks ago. You are sitting here because you are the political engine room of PDP in your various wards so the party needs you now more than ever before, please let’s unite to make sure our party emerges victorious in this coming elections “Joel pleaded.
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Also at the meeting the party chairman drew their attention on any form of political hooliganism as they are expecting the coming of President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday.
“On a very special notice, our president is coming on Thursday; we are now asking you to come out in your tens and hundreds to show Mr President that the PDP is the ruling in Adamawa state, I don’t ask you to disrespect anybody as I am much aware that APC will be having their program in the state too on Wednesday, if you don’t know both Buhari and Jonathan are our leaders only that we share different political plat form, if you assault somebody’s  father ,somebody  else will assault your farther.” Madaki warned
On his response while giving a closing remark to the delegates the governor of the state Barr James Bala Nggilari thank them for turning in mass to the meeting reminded them of the role they have to play to make the visit of Mr. President a memorable and  colourful one. Bala also promised them his plan to make sure that sooner their Special advisers (SA) allowances will be given tom them.

“Because of insecurity issues that we all aware has been making me not to have time for your SA allowances, but I assure you that this time around through the party chairman a comprehensive and authentic least of the delegates will be give to me for onwards delivery of your allowances within one week. ” Bala promised

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