Open Letter To President Buhari

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Kassim Abubakar Gamawa

Dear President Buhari,

I hope you are recovering from your pathological state of unhealthiness. I heard with one ear that, you still needs a longer time to rest in U.K. Anyway, I pray and I wish you quick and speedy recover.

However, the essence of this short and precise open letter is to greet and inform you about the state of the country, i.e our fatherland (Nigeria) since after your leaving.

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Surely, Baba, a lot of things had happened and are still happening but what appears physically and known to everybody is, things are moving smoothly, Papa Osinbajo is really doing a well done job. Just stay there, rest and continue receiving your treatment till you fully recovered.

May Almighty Allah heal you now and may HE continue saving Nigeria.



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