Open Letter To Lalong: German Based Plateau Citizen, Yillah, Berates Lalong’s Leadership On The Plateau

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Yakubu Busari

A Kanke-born international business mogul, Denis Danladi Yillah has berated the Lalong administration for falling far below the developmental bar set by his predecessor in Plateau State, Senator Jonah David Jang.

In his open letter to Governor Simon Bako Lalong made available to this medium on Tuesday in Jos .

The Germany based business magnet particularly frowned at the leap service paid  the tourism sector of the state, despite its potential to generate huge revenue to the state and attract foreign investors.

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As a state that prides itself home of peace and tourism, endowed with natural resources and arable land for the cultivation of assorted foods comparable to any European country, the illustrious son of Ngas land laments the total neglect of the sector by successive administrations in the state, but chided the incumbent administration for totally killing what is left of the sector in the state by misplacing government preferences to prioritize frivolities over genuine needs demanding government attention.

In his criticism of the Lalong administration, Mr Yillah applauded the governor for reviving the Plateau Youth Council after years of inactivity, but lamented that nothing much is done by the government to carry the youth of the state along.

He challenged the PYC Chairman to rise up to the task of demanding good governance and the execution of youth oriented programs that would help ameliorate the woes of army of unemployed Plateau youths.

As a youth himself, Yillah applauded the enterprising spirit of Plateau youths, but demands more to be done by the government to help them achieve their individual goals.

He eulogises Hons. Timothy Golu and Beni Lar for carrying the youths along and pray for higher responsibilities for them in the political sojourn.

The international businessman debunks claims that he is nurturing any political ambition in the near future, but maintained that his philanthropic gestures are part of his inbuilt humanitarian believes, adding that he pained by the suffering of the masses and resolves to add his voice to the demand for good governance at all levels of government.

Speaking on the precarious peace situation in Plateau state, Yillah frowns at the media for overblowing the Plateau situation thereby scaring away investors and potential tourists.

He charged the state government to parsley with the media with the view to moderating media reportage of the security situation in the state.

According to him, the needless jamborees sponsored by the state in an effort to portray the state as peaceful was nothing but political.

He opined that what the state needed to improve on the peace gained so far, are series of crusades and prayer sessions by adherents of the various religions, where great men of God would be invited to pray for the sustenance of peace in the state and to expose the evil machinations of our aggressors, rather than wasting scarce resources of the state to organise carnivals and symphonies.

With about a year to the next elections, Mr. Yillah is of the view that the governor still has the opportunity to retain the goodwill of the masses that brought him from grass to grace, by retracing his steps from the poor leadership he is providing the state, and  lead from the front, with the interest of the suffering masses as his topmost priority.

But concluded that so far, the vast majority of Plateau people are groaning over the governor’s seeming lack of focus and clear cut blue print to steer the ship of governance in the state.

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