Open Letter To Hon. Dr. Joseph Haruna  Kigbu-Ex Member, House of Representatives Obi/ Lafia Nasarawa state

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Your Worst Ever Political Misfire

Dear Dr. Kigbu,

We write to convey your constituents including your ex diehard supporters’ disappointment and anger over your reported defection from PDP, the largest opposition party to an already moribund APC.


We are disappointed because no consultation was made prior to this deadly move. Not even a recorded dispute within the party.


We are even more embarrassed because the candidate you urged us to queue behind in the just concluded PDP state Congress, Hon. Francis Orugo was returned as chairman.


We wonder why you chose January 20th, a historical date in global democracy, a day a PDP-like minds, the Democrats were inaugurating the world’s most powerful leader, Joe Biden as US President of the United State of America.


Until you advance further reasons, we are left with the feeling that you deliberately plan to dash our political hopes entrusted in you.


We also believe that a third (commercial interest) force must have misled you the same way ex-Speaker, Yakubu Dogora did.


However, unlike Dogara whose seat is being challenged in court, we will subject you to a public trial and wait for 2023 to test the will/verdict of the suffering masses.


While we agreed that you have constitutional rights to defect to any party of your choice, certainly, not to expect our traditional support and the votes spread from 2011 to January 20th, 2021.


As exposed as our votes had lifted you to higher political heaven, we expected you to have reckoned with the latest political happenings with parties including the APC that have failed their people.


We are sure your busy schedules as a medical doctor did not create space for you to know that all the CPC state chairmen have unveiled plans to dump the APC you are just joining.


The supporters of PDP are however consoled to the fact that you are always changing party. From PDP to CPC, APC, back to PDP, and now, back to the moribund APC!


If you have issues with Orogu or any party leader, we expected wider consultation.


Unfortunately, we refused to be fooled again! You are on your own, We view your deaf move as a political misfire that could retire you prematurely.


We have volunteered to move into action to sensitize supporters on your selfish move.


Finally, we call on all supporters to ignore the plan February 6th, 2021 reception in Wambai Ward, Lafia.


You are alone on this deaf move.



Hon. Jonathan IPAA, JP

For Concern PDP Leaders,

Lafia/Obi Federal Constituents.


1, Hon. Orugo, PDP chairman, Nasarawa state,

2, Sen. SA Adokwe, Leader PDP, Southern Zone,

3, Sen. SA Ewuga, Leader, Akwanga zone,

4, Hon. Peter Akwe, NSHA,

5, All PDP chairmen: Obi, Lafia, all Ward Chairmen

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