Open Letter To Governor Abubakar Sani Bello, Inscription On The Blue Sky Reeds “For The Sake Of True Development In Niger State”

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Every time i see the impact of government action or inaction on the life of poor masses i always feel sad knowing fully well that politics aside, the realistic cost of development can indeed be checkmated to guarantee a decent economic life for everyone that is able and willing to work as against what presently obtain in our Polity.

If by any means this piece get to you sir. I want you to know that with the political goodwill your leadership commands in Niger State at the moment, it should be relatively less difficult to resolve most campaign pledge of 2015 that are still hanging on the balance. Interestingly, in some cases even without any financial burden to the government or banana pills to your political legacy.

Your Excellency, within the remaining 28 months “Lifeline” This government can still resolve some major difficulties Nigerlites have been battling with for the past one and an half decade even without the figures being thrown around in the name of development. More so, a political gain for your government and the All Progressives Congress APC.

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Objective, cost efficient solution to Socio-political and economic predicament of the state is right in front of us but in pieces (Political Rubie cube) Therefore. It is fundamentally a matter of putting together the right strategy with yourself atop monitoring and evaluating performance in relation to your vision, financial capacity of the government and immediate needs of the people.

Even though this is not my first time of writing either you, President Muhammadu Buhari or the National Leadership of APC. I have always maintain that the style of rule and philosophy of governmence NEED to substantially break-away from past political harm twisting echoed on remorseless political banditry which you have demonstrated in the past 21months of this administration. I am hereby pleading with you to favourably consider this idea on development extensively with an open mind.

Permit me to also shade more light with a single instance out of the very many i have undertaken. Assuming you saw the need for and decide to build 500 housing units in Minna, Suleja, Kontagora, and Bida. All you need is a comprehensive well detailed plan through which the project can be executed by utilizing the readily available army of unemployed labour directly and building materials from source.

In this way, the project can be completed in time and when you do the math as I have, you will discover that the total cost could be over 60% less than current market valuation. So once you make those houses available for sale at the total cost of construction they will be paid for almost immediately by buyers and your government will get back its fund or even more if you so decide.

With every single action like this, your government wills succeed in the following.

– Create job opportunities across the state.

– A well planned city.

– Curtail the cost of housing.

– Fulfill campaign promises.

– Give Nigerlites the hope they deserve.

– Recuperate every penny spent and used to execute other development projects.

Sir, it is one thing to acknowledge the challenges, while it is another to devise appropriate developmental model that address the challenges with least financial implication. As with the present economic reality, it is an absolute necessity to at least this once think out of the box to immediately reduce the degree of hardship in the state by cutting-back on the elements of contractocracy. So with the ideal proactive programe, process and action. I can see severe hardship drastically reduced within a relatively short period of time.

The right time to evolve people oriented policy and bring them in to the development process is now. Especially on infrastructural development which is urgently needed. Other areas i strongly believe there are similar development model to complement existing policy framework include.

-Adequate Water Supply.

-Building and Furnishing Public Schools.

-Environmental Sanitation.


-Employment opportunity.


-Power and Energy.

If my statistical evaluation is at least half correct. The state government may have been losing significant amount of revenue on a daily basis which I think can be corrected through some very simple but strategic measures. Thus, in every part of Niger state what I see is opportunities only waiting for government to act on.

For instance, if you evaluate the strategic position of Mokwa and Kontagora as a transit hub to northern part of the country and then build at least one massive car park for heavy duty trucks and additional facilities for other commodities they could very easily emerged as a significant source of economic development and job opportunity.

Your Excellency; “Time and Resources is never always more than enough for any government” Therefore the time to act is NOW.



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