Open Letter To DG SSS And Inspector General Of Police Calling For The Arrest Of Mr Godson Uwah Current Chairman Etim Ekpo LGA Of Akwa Ibom State And Mr Enoidem A Commissioner, For Molesting And Attempted Murder Of Our Senatorial District Coordinator Of Buhari Youth Organization

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With reference to the above underlined subject matter, the aforementioned Association ( Buhari youth organisation BYO) calls for the intervention and the immediate arrest of one Mr Godson Uwah a local Govt chairman of ETIM EKPO LGA of Akwa Ibom state and one mr Enoidem a commissioner for molesting our coordinator of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district Comr Cletus EKPO of ETIM EKPO ward 3 for distributing BYO forms.

The said local govt traitor and the shameless commissioner organized and lead a gang of thugs to attack the coordinator while distributing BUHARI YOUTH ORGANIZATION BYO form to the members of his community. The victim was attacked and beat to comma if not for the intervention of the community people and his family he would have been kill by these animal, the victim was later rushed to hospital by our members. The victim is currently receiving medical attention. This man was molested for no reason rather than distributing Buhari youth org. Forms, upon all the atrocities PDP  committed in the country no community or any individual ever attack a PDP member on the street of in his house, we allow them to walk freely at times even making illicit comment on the government. We are Nigerians and BUHARI YOUTH ORG is duely registered with the Nigerian Corporate affairs commission. We are not harmful and the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria give us the privilege for peaceful congress anywhere within the context of Nigeria, and Akwa Ibom is of course within the context and boarder of Nigeria, so we have the right to distribute our forms even in Otueke not ETIM EKPO. It’s only security agencies that has the right to dictate to us where and where not to distribute our forms not glorified criminal like Godson and the so call Enoidem.

No one has the monopoly of violence; we have tolerated some many things simply because we are law abiding citizens. We are a congress of progress youth not thugs like the Akwa Ibom PDPigs.

The traitor and irresponsible local govt chairman and his shameless boss the so called commissioner has record of threat to national security, they were was once and arrested apprehended by securities for illegal possession of fire arms in Portharcout detained and later released simply because they are working for the then PDP and later release and compensated with the chairmanship seat in the local government. They lead the attack with the shameless commissioner of the state Mr Enoidem who is also from the same ward. These are PDP shameless thugs that went around terrorizing people.

At this juncture I am calling for the attention of the aforementioned security heads to take immediate action and an immediate arrest of these evil perpetrators that wanted to cause confusion in the state.

7cc7c002-2f99-415a-8517-4805a64e0921Today BUHARI YOUTH ORGANIZATION BYO has a very solid structure in the whole 36 states of the federation including FCT, we have more 65 percent of the local govt in Nigeria with solid structure with over 300000 three thousand registered members, the Akwa Ibom chapter alone has more 5000 members and if they were to go on revenge or vengeance it would have been a different story, but we have calm our members and we are calling for the appropriate security agencies to bring these Animals to book.

Finally we are calling on all other detractors and the like of the shameless Fani Kayodes to watch their utterances and to respect this government and refrain from detracting and making some scrupulous, unnecessary and illicit comments against Mr President. We are law abiding citizen, we are not cowards, we only want the security agencies to do their job knowing that the era of impunity is over; Otherwise no man born of a woman can insult our grand patron and go Scot free.

I once again call for the immediate arrest of Mr GODSON UWAH and MR ENOIDEM for their ungodly, childish and terroristic act.

Finally I call on all BYO members across the country to remain calm avoid any act that may lead to the breach of peace and harmony, it’s our collective responsibility to help Mr President to build an atmosphere of Unity, peace and tranquillity. Please allow the security agencies to the job. Thank you.






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