OOU Campus Shutdown: Our Governor Has Gone Mad Again

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When an unconfirmed report got across to me from a source within the corridor of power in Ogun State on Friday night, about the plan to lock down the school. I sincerely found it very hard to believe. But, upon hearing the SSG’s press release yesterday, it was then dawn on me that my source was right. I then started to imagine if we were still in a democratic setting of governance or we’ve returned to the military style overnight, unaware to Ogunians. This can also be termed as THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF AMOSUN’s REIGN IN OGUN SCHOOL’s CAMPUSES.
Only in last week, after 2-days, massive but peaceful protest in Abeokuta, demanding a reduction in our school fees. The state governor met with us and promised to make justice to our demands, within d next 7-days. Now, we can see his ‘purported justice’ to our demands. OOUITES ASKED FOR FISH, AMOSUN GAVE US A SERPENT…OOUITES ASKED FOR SCHOOL FEES REDUCTION, HE GAVE US CAMPUS SHUTDOWN.
The action of the governor is myopic, mundane and illogical, putting in consideration the trends of political leadership style, in the 21st century. I can only but sympathise with the so called progressive political party that has given this man the priviledge to be their Governor and misbehave to this extent without any precaution, even as the 2015 General Elections is just 6 Months closer. I can truly see them winning again…Pipe dream!
The threat to my life, together with some other gallant comrades in Cdhr cannot be a STOP to the Monday ‘Ali-Must-Go’ kind of protest. At this crucial junction, Let Amosun and his apologist be quick to note that it is only God who can arrest or kill. Let them rain threats and blackmail, from now till kingdom comes, it’ll never stop us. We are poised to fight for our right. Let no OOUITE travel, we are bound to fight this together.
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Com. Governor
Chairman, Fee Reduction Frontier Committee
Committee For The Defence of Human Rights,

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