Ombotse Is Alien And Anti-Eggon Culture—–Hon.Muluku

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Rabiu Omaku

  • Sako community lament over disenfranchisement

Eggon speaking people of Sako has called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to consider Sako/Bakin Guji in the next delineation of polling units and electoral ward ,Wakilin Sako gave the hint when people of Sako community and its environ paid honorable Muhammed Muluku a member representing Nasarawa East a sallah homage at his abode in Nasarawa Eggon.

Salihu Madaki said the creation of electoral ward in Sako became imperative as they appealed to the honorable member to forward their message to the appropriate authority,he also called on the state government to come to their aid through the rehabilitation of broken bridges.

“Majority of our people is farmers and we have difficulties transporting our farm produce to the market, we appealed to the state government to look into our plight”. As he reiterated that his people were not recognized in times of employment and social amenities.

The people of Sako also decried lack of drinking water in the area, leader of the delegation said they are solidly behind the APC administration under the able leadership of Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura.

The honorable member while responding thank the people for the visit, urging them to shower their unflinching support to the present regime, saying no meaningful development will take place in an atmosphere of rancor.

” I’m just a representative and I don’t have the final say, it is only the cordial relationship between us as lawmakers that will bring development, and i urge you to show the same allegiance to the sitting government”.

Hon.Muluku warned Eggon youths to be responsible and discipline at all times, cautioning them to shun anything that is capable of portraying the name of Eggon in bad light,while recalling on what happen during the Ombotse days with his kinsmen, he chastise youth for taking the law into their hands.

“it will take Eggon people over 20 years to recover from the shock of Ombotse activities, lives were lost ,houses destroyed and valuables wasted, people will not forget this so soon” what do we achieved in the skirmishes ? We are all casualties”

Hon.Muluku described Ombotse as an alien culture to Eggon land, saying it was formed to achieve selfish gains; he expressed displeasure over the rising spate of people suffering from heart or lung disease which he attributed to the excessive intake of local tobacco (Otso) which was part of Ombotse activities.

“Even the genuine Eggons which are Eggon Oron did not recognize Ombotse as a deity, where it is now, I told them is satanic for one to worship two gods but they refused, calling on his kinsmen to be conscious of what they do”.

Saying Eggon Oron which consist of Bakin Guji, Alizaga, Sako, Arugbadu, Bakyono are the original Eggon communities whose deity is Likya but not Ombotse.

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