Okiro Makes Case For Civil Security Force By Hassan Galadima

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  • Says Reform Of Police Must Be In The Context Of Wider Public Sector Reform

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Chairman of the Police Service Commission and former Inspector General of Police, Dr. Mike Mbama Okiro has called for a Civil Security Force for the country, an option he says strives to demilitarize internal security management and encourage the people/citizens to be more involved in the security of themselves and their local areas.

Dr. Okiro made the call on, Thursday, November 20th, 2014 at the 19th anniversary of Late Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin and Yitzhak Rabin Leadership Award of Excellence ceremony held in Abuja.

Speaking on “Effective Policing and National Security, Role of the Nigeria Police” Dr. Okiro noted that this option would be more effective rather than relying on the government to protect the nation and her people through the instrumentality of the traditional Police Force.

According to him, “under this arrangement, citizens volunteer to join the Civil Security Force/Department, Government recognizes them, kit them and equips them. However, they are placed under the command of the Police.”

He observed that the success so far recorded by the Civilian JTF in Borno State during the current domestic terrorist crackdown gives examples of the reality of this policing concept.

The Chairman of the Commission said the strategy will be implemented alongside “our traditional policing initiative by the Nigeria Police.” He invited suggestions and contributions to meaningful policy initiatives in the direction of; a National Policy on Crime Prevention and Control in line with the United Nations option; a National Strategy on Crime Prevention and Control; a National Policy on Criminal Intelligence Sharing and a National Policy on Inter-Agency Collaboration.

He explained that this experiment in Nigeria will no doubt be a great improvement on “our now obsolete traditional policing concept with all its negative perception from the citizenry”, adding that as Chairman of the Commission with oversight function over the Nigeria Police, he would reach out to the various Nigerian publics to get their input towards efforts at formulating such meaningful policing policies that will enable the Commission give Nigerians the Force of their dream. Dr. Okiro noted that time has come for “us to experiment on a policing concept that will evolve from our social system”.

He stated that the reform of Police agencies must take place in the context of wider reforms of the public sector. According to him, “if corruption is endemic to the society, or if there is no culture of accountability or transparency in public or private organizations, it is unlikely that there will be a meaningful fight against corruption in the police and by the Police”.

He noted the necessity to have an efficient, effective and accountable Police and Criminal Justice System.

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