For Objecting To Nomination Of Caretaker Chairmen By Bauchi Governor, State Female Lawmaker Receives Serious Threat From Another Lawmaker

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A female lawmaker of the Bauchi  State House of Assembly, Hon Maryam Garba Bagel has petitioned both the Bauchi State Police and the State Director, Directorate of State Services, DSS over threats to her life by a fellow lawmaker at the Assembly Chamber.

In a petition signed by the lawmaker herself stated that she seeks for Police protection against one of her colleague who is a member of the Bauchi State House of Assembly.

The member in the petitioned copied to the State House of Assembly Speaker and the Chief Whip, stated that Hon. Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi (alias Wowo) has threatened to deal with her in and outside the legislative chamber, according to the petition the lawmaker made the statement during a heated argument between him and the female lawmaker.

“I found it necessary to inform you that both I and my family are now vulnerable and live in perpetual fear of the unknown, due to his threat and therefore if any violence should happen to any of us, the authority should know where to seek for answers, because he issued the threat with all seriousness and vowed to carry it out, at whatever cost,” the lawmaker said.

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However, this medium that the said Wowo who is seen as the governor’s right hand man at the House, most times during executive session of the State Assembly always record their deliberations  and take it to the Governor to know who is with him and who is against him.

As learnt by this medium, the charge to deal with her both inside the chamber and outside the chamber started when the governor submitted names of Local Government Caretaker Chairman to the Assembly, a submission which the female lawmaker stood against on the premise that the Governor’s move was against the constitution of the All Progressive Congress, as well as the party’s manifesto.

She also stated that the submission of the list of caretaker Chairmen by the governor, thereby, breaches the promise of the State Governor who promised to conduct local government elections within six months of his stay in office.

Speaking, she said it is now 15 months since he assumed office, no elected chairmen, and that the governor is trying to appoint caretaker Chairmen, how many months will they stay now before their tenure ends, she is said the appointment of caretaker Chairmen is unconstitutional.

Not done with that, on Sunday, some faceless group began moves for her recall, and even sponsored a petition against her person for daring to express her position and view on the proposed LGA caretaker submitted to the assembly by the Governor last week Wednesday, and some other matters they claimed.

“I want to assist the faceless group by attaching a link on how to recall a legislative member, to guide them. And I will state again that no amount of intimation or blackmail will stop me from expressing me view and position in the legislative House,” the lawmaker said.

See the Letter of the Petition Below:


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