Nothing Untoward Happened In CCB – Presidency

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More facts have emerged over recent uproar within the Code of Conduct Bureau as the Presidency has affirmed that all due process was followed in the RECALL/REINSTATEMENT of the Acting Secretary, Mrs Kolawole Folasade.

A Presidency source who spoke to selected journalists at the State House said official reports submitted from the OFFICE of the SECRETARY to the Government of the Federation confirmed that service rules were observed to the letter in the RETURN to service of Mrs Kolawole.

“Records confirmed that a civil servant can give a notice of VOLUNTARY RETIREMENT but it cannot take effect until after three months. You are allowed under the service rules to withdraw your notice of RETIREMENT within that THREE months. Mrs Kolawole withdraws her RESIGNATION within two months.

“So it is not true that she has retired. Notice of resignation does not take effect until after three months. So we can confirm to you that based on all available records, correspondence and extant rules”, the Acting Secretary was duly recalled and REINSTATED.

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On staff protesting the recall, the Presidency source warned that the power of appointments rests with Mr. President and he has exercised it according to service rules and regulations, adding “it is unthinkable that any public servant will QUESTION the power of the Presidency”.

On whether the appointment was made despite court order, the source said “records showed that there is no truth in that statement. But the judge has fixed a date for judgement on the issue”, the source noted.

On what will happen if the protesting staff FAILS to stop, the source said the management of the public service is already looking into the matter, assuring that “service rule will be duly applied.

“Those who disobeyed lawful directives will bear the consequences. The service rule is not AMBIGUOUS “, the source concluded.

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