No Body Doctored Wards And LGA Executives List During Congresses In Kanam —Plateau Deputy Speaker

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Yakubu Busari

The plateau State Deputy Speaker, Rt., Hon Saleh Shehu Yipmong expressed delight with the just concluded Councillorship/Chairmanship Congresses of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in Kanam LGA by calling on those aggrieved members to embrace dialogue and peaceful resolution for the interest and progress Plateau.

Speaking to our correspondent at his residence in federal Low-cost Jos North Local Government Area, Hon Yipmong urged the people to imbibe the spirit of a true democrat in their conduct.


The Excerpt:

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They alleged you doctored the list of the delegates, how true is that?

That is why l always makes reference to the choices of words people use. When you say doctored, for over ten years, something is doctored and you a member of the party you don’t say anything, in one faithful day, initially when those Executives are aware that they know that one day they are going to be part of the delegates. You don’t know that all these years the party had been running, that they have functions, they have the integrity to protect, and it is now that they become delegates that you are saying the list of the delegates were doctored. When it was doctored, where were you?

They are linking you to Dr. Sale, that you are acting the script of Dr. Sale, how will you react to that?

Is it Dr. Sale that conducted the election, like l always say, APC is not “Banana Republic,” there are rules and guidelines; there are people saddle with that responsibility. Did you ask them if they received instructions from Dr. Saleh? Is it the Deputy Speaker that appoints the people that went to conduct the election? Or is it the Deputy Speaker that conducted the election? I said APC is not “Banana Republic” there are procedures, there are guidelines, there are people saddled with the responsibility, did you ask them and they told you that they received instructions from Dr. Saleh? These are questions the citizens would like to ask. That is the political gimmicks in Nigeria and Kanam to be specific. What we are trying to say here is that we are all young people, we came with high hopes and enthusiasm to effect changes by allowing the people to put their destiny in their hands and decide what they want.

If the people want to go back to Egypt, let them go.if we want to truly give integrity to the bearing of the local government which is not hinged on an individual, but to the collectivity of the people, it is the people that would decide. You can put your money on the streets of Kanam but I can guarantee you, that an average Kanam man knows what he wants as far as Kanam is concerned.

Do You See Any Prospect For PDP In The State?

That is the beauty of democracy, prior to the coming of APC, PDP was at the helm of affairs, it may interest you to know that there were people who were in PDP certainly because of certain things that were going on there that may or not be convenient with their principal, they have to quit because all these political parties you are seeing are just mere names, they are voluntary organization.

Anytime you want to join, then you have to look who are the “Political Movers” of the system when you see the “Movers” of the system in place, you discovered that your principle as a person will flow and move with them. The place you have to get to in life is being determined by the people you follow and political party you joined. It was on this platform the APC was formed in plateau state in particular and Nigeria as a whole and to be specific Kanam local LGA because of the integrity of some personalities that is behind the formation of APC.

The question is what do you want? Do you want to go with those who want Kanam a peaceful and admirable community? Or those who want to use Kanam to drive their own personal ego.

In this regard, l want to tell you that APC has come to stay in Nigeria, Plateau state and to be specific Kanam LGA because the people who drive the system allow the decision to go down with what the people want, we don’t determine what the people want. We listen to the people, if they make any mistake as a leader we create that awareness on them on where they are wrong and then come back holistically and made amend and do what is right. If as a leader your people are doing that which is right, is your responsibility to encourage them and lead them the way to go and they would follow. As for Kanam, it is the will of the people that are being upheld.

What would be your call for the people of Kanam as we enter the period of the election in the state?

First and foremost, in every democracy, everybody who is in government should respect that which the people want. If you see for the past two weeks what has been exhibited, at first election was conducted.

Like l said earlier, a political party has its structure of doing things, they mandated certain people go and conduct elections, which was conducted and returned to the party Secretariat.

In every human endeavor, there is no absolute control in whatever things you want to do.

There were agitations, those who truly love APC are those who are truly law abiding, and those who want to entrench peace in their community, people’s democracy and good governance and development in their community.  So when it was resolved that they have to conduct another election, they have to forgo the energy they used in the first election.

People were sent to come and conduct the election, to the “Glory” of God the same result was what they returned to the party Secretariat. Even if you say those first persons sent to conduct the first election compromised, people know that there is no power in the world that can change what they want.

They returned the same candidate they wanted, that is the beauty of democracy; the people truly understand that, particularly the culture of Kanam people.  We the leaders of Kanam make them understand that we are in power today, if we didn’t do that which is right, in the next election, they should weed us out. It is what you do for the people that the people are there to see

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