Northerners Advised Not To Retaliate On Igbos Living Across River Niger

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Yakubu Busari

Northerners has been advised not to allow sentiments to control their emotions.

Nigerians both Christians and Muslims have been told not to take vengeance over the killing of their people in the Eastern part of the Country by the Biafra agitators.

Consequently, the people are now being persuaded by both Religious and Community leader not to descend on the Igbos living in the region.

Shiek Al hassan Sa“fed who reiterated the calls made at all the  mosques in Jos Metropolis said “ communication has been received from the Office of Sultan, Alumni Said Abubakar to all muslim in the region on the matter“.

He told the Congregation at the Friday prayers that “we received a circular from the sultan ate not to react violently over the events in Onions and other parts of the eastern part of Nigeria“.

According to him, the agitators dividing the country are those “frustrated and are hopeless in their mission to destabilize the country since independence“.

He believed that the agitators are spoilers whose mission is targeted at de stabilizing the nation because “their mission hit the rock“.

“These people never hid their intention against the Unity of One Nigeria even after the Civil war but please and please never you revenge.

“The Nigeria Army is capable of addressing the uprising by the Igbo elements in the eastern part.  Let wait and see how they will tackle the situation“, he said while pleading with the crowd.

Our Correspondent gathered that tension increase in Plateau State and the entire Northern region as more dead bodies including wounded persons are taken to their states.

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