NOA Director Urges Nigerians To Be Aware Of Politicians Using Ethnicity Or Religion To Create Violence

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Yakubu Busari

The Plateau state Director of National Orientation Agency (NOA) ,Mr. Bulus Samcit Dabit has called on Nigerians to be weary of dangerous politicians masquerading under the platform of ethnic or religious bigot in creating violence agitation for Nigeria.

Dabit made this disclosure during an interview with journalists at the Ministry of Justice, Jos, and Joseph Gwomwalk secretariat.

He stressed that Plateau state just came out of violence conflict because a lot of people don’t know what to do they are tire of constant killing.

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We thank God under the present government we are  enjoying relative peace across the 17 local governments in the  state our men have concluded arrangement to tackle problem associated with  hate speech with all the stakeholders on how to accommodate every tribes.

Dabit said NOA staff is all over planning to organize an interactive session with key stakeholders and those that are not in talking term but some of them now have started doing it.

He condemned that major causes of crisis in African countries are link to hate speech; I think truly the problem is that they people don’t want to engage in crisis because they are enjoying peace that God has given to them.

According to him, Plateau state is known as home of peace and tourism the people accommodate in return the name its home of peace and tourism those who came leave here gave the name.

He applauded the level governor Simon Lalong transparency in dealing with over 58 ethnic nationalities who are welded together to see each other as one tribe.

Dabit reminded us that since the creation of Plateau state in 1976 some of people could not be aware of who is a Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba person until in 2001 when this peace was shattered.

“We list to report on hate speech on radio and television and the dangerous campaign trend  going on is widen the hatred that now create factional conflict “, he added.

Filing question on why there is fragile peace now, Bulus Dabit refused the allegation that people vote overwhelmingly for the change so it is the function of government to provide good governance that produced the social environment.

He faulted insinuation were people alleged that Muslim they are in power that is the more reason for the fragile peace now, we see negative politics been promoted by politician.

However, our agitation for restructuring of the country is mostly freedom of expression because some political class are not happy so most of make sure that they stir up crisis when it come sharing the feel marginalize

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