Nigerian Military Recovers Vehicle Loaded with Bomb

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Scene-of-Nigerian-Ground-Troops-that-Recapture-Baga-4-296x298A jeep full of Improvised Explosives Devises was among the weapons recovered by troops conducting Cordon and Search Operations after  suicide bombing attacks on Zabamari  Muna near Maiduguri.

The jeep along with 2 hilux vehicles being used by terrorists were destroyed in the course of pursuit and encounter with a group of terrorists trying to escape after simultaneous attacks on targets in  the communities Thursday and Friday.

Destroyed terrorists Vehicle laden with IEDsA total of 6 suicide bombers had detonated themselves around the garage killing scores of people while some people were also wounded. A soldier also died.

Military Explosives Ordinance experts backed by Police Bomb Disposal Units are continuing with vigorous search for any bombs that might have been hidden or left unexploded in the area.  Meanwhile, all other offensive operations of counterterrorist campaign against terrorists continuing in various fronts.

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Additional deployment of men and equipment to enhance the scope of the mission both within the country and at borders are also continuing.

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