Nigerian Engineers Storm UK For Infrastructure Best Practice Retreat

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The United Kingdom Chapter of the Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers, NICE UK, has kicked off its first International Conference at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.
The conference titled “International Conference on Fast-tracking Infrastructure Growth and Sustainability”, will lead to aggregation of expert opinions from diverse background and it would form the basis of a position paper to be issued on the nation’s infrastructure stock by the parent organization, the Civil Engineering Division of the Nigerian Society of Engineers.

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A press statement by event organisers on Tuesday, said the Nigerian delegation is led by Engr. Saliu Lawal while Prof. Harm Askes (Professor of Computational Mechanics and Head of Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, The University of Sheffield) will deliver the guest speech to the delegates.
Development expert Dr. Adesoji Adeniyi will deliver paper on sustainable development with Nigeria as a case study.
Other scholars expected at the technical sessions include Kezhen Ying of the Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Sheffield, James Williams a researcher in renewable energy infrastructure with focus on solar thermal panels, Engr. Tunji Ariyomo, a policy expert on infrastructure and technology use, Engr. Michael A. Adegbite of the Nigerian Petroleum Institute, Mr. Kehinde Ajayi, Mr. Damola Ademilola, Engr. Nurudeen Adeagbo, the Permanent Secretary of the Osun State Ministry of Works and Dr. Hasim Altan, Director of BEAU Research Centre in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

The event hosted at the Octagon Centre of the University of Sheffield ends September 11, 2013

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