Nigeria Medical Association Says It Is Poised To Continue Its Strike Whether Ebola Or No Ebola

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The Nigeria Medical Association, NMA has told Nigerians and the Nigerian Government that their stand will not change on the strike irrespective of the Ebola virus in the country.
The doctors say that unless the remaining aspects of their demands are met by the Federal Government, they would continue with their strike, speaking at a Press briefing today, the Lagos State Chapter Chairman of  the association , Dr. Tope Ojo, who spoke at a press briefing in Lagos on Saturday, vowed that the NMA would only resume negotiations with the Federal Government when it reverses the sacking of the doctors.
According to Tope Ojo he said; “This sack action must have proven the unrepentant hatred of Mr. President and the federal government for doctors, considering that since this current regime, several unions generally have embarked on industrial actions for even longer periods, that witnessed several failed negotiations too, before eventual resolution and same punitive actions were never applied.
“The only reason for this sack is because they don’t patronise our health facilities but seek treatment overseas. The current strike action continues and the only condition to resume talks with the government is for government to reverse the sacking of 16, 000 strong and dynamic residents nationwide, unconditionally and with immediate effect.
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“All attempts by government to divide the NMA by sacking 16,000 residents as a consequence of the ongoing strike is well understood and will be resisted by the NMA.”
The association also warned its members in Lagos not to accept any letter of dismissal from the state government or take up any locum appointment.
Stating further he said;  “All doctors must heed the call of the national body not to connive with government or their agents by not collecting any sack letter or applying/taking up any locum appointment in any institution or hospital.
“We are calling on the Dr. Goodluck Jonathan- led administration and Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola, to stop the casualisation of medical doctors.”
The doctors also warned that the sacking of over 16, 000 resident doctors could further escalate the Ebola scourge as majority of those working on the monitoring and survelliance team were resident doctors

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