Nigeria In Recession, But Worst In Bauchi State

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It is beyond reasonable doubt that Nigeria is faced with numerous problems ranging from insurgency, pipeline vandalism, political thuggery, kidnappings etcetera. The recent one is recession in which our national economy declines. The recession today becomes the general phenomenon in Nigeria that everyone is discussing. The Minister of Finance revealed that the inflation rate shrank at 17.1%, the GDP had contracted by 2.06% and the economy by 0.30%, oil price crushed to less than $50 per barrel, Naira falls to one US dollar at₦423, unemployment raised to 2.6m. Though, the government is trying its best to arrest the situation.

In Bauchi state, the situation is worst due to the poor administration of governor Barrister Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar. A lot of compacted issues that remains unsolved make the state moving like a paralysed-limping chameleon. Every day, problems are preceding one another. It was started when the governor embarked on series of verification which was done about eight times, denial of promotional chances, slashing of worker’s allowances, mass sacking of workers, inclusion of members of his family in running the affairs of the state, and the worst one, the denial of salary for couple of months. It comes to the point that even the diehard people of the APC started distancing themselves from the party and even looking for better alternative.

Meanwhile, the hammerhead of governor Abubakar towards everyone in the state, his failure to accept advice and correction and misuse of the bailout given to him ignited the current burning hell and alienation between him and the three senators of the state, twelve members of house, the Minister of Education Malam Adamu Adamu, Hon Yusuf Maitama Tuggar and other stakeholders of APC in Bauchi state. The relationship continues becoming sour, noticeable and open especially with Senator Sulaiman Nazif from Bauchi North and Honourable Ahmed Yarima Misau, a house member representing Misau/Dambam constituency. The duo made several calls and appeals to the governor in different occasions as to adjust the situation but rejected and even leveled them as “Abuja based politicians and prophets of doom”. He took a giant step to fight them in anyway, such as banning them from using any venue or structure that belongs to Bauchi, turning down their requests for security personnel, and posing threats to them. This is laughable enough because he show no sign of compliance with the demands of Bauchi populace.

Lastly, I am calling the Excellency to clear-up the worker’s salary, stop being boastful and egotism, settle the dispute with your internal political opponents in order to take Bauchi state to a promise land.  Also distance the hands of your family away from the affairs of our dear state, especially your biological son called “BOY”. Remember “Unity is strength…  When there is a teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. God Bless APC! God Bless Bauchi state!! God Bless Nigeria!!!

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