Nigeria Airforce Launched Airstrike On Boko Haram Not Cameroonian Airforce -Defence Headquarters

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The Nigeria Defence Headquarters yesterday said that the reports making round that Cameroonian airforce has on Monday carried out an air strike on Boko Haram terrorists were all lies, according to the Defence Headquarters it said no foreign air force aircraft launched any airstrike on Nigeria’s territory,
It further said that the air strikes that killed Boko Haram terrorists in the said confrontation at the Nigerian divide of the border town with Cameroon was carried out by Nigerian Airforce fighter aircraft.
Speaking through the through its twitter handle the Defence Headquarters, it said; “ongoing highly Coordinated Air operation is conducted by the Nigerian Airforce. No indication of any Foreign Force engaging in any part of Nigeria.”
The DHQ furthermore asked; “What could be the motive of Foreign Media outfits peddling false/exaggerated claims of a neighboring Army’s exploits on Nigerian soil?”
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According to the Defence Spokesperson, Gen. Chris Olukolade he said; “We will investigate claims of Airstrikes by a Foreign Force on our Soil. This serves to satisfy peddlers of strange claims and stories.”

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