All You Need To Know About The Presidential Committee On The North-East Initiative’s Dashboard

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The Presidential Committee on the North-East Initiative (PCNI) Online North-East Stakeholders Dashboard is a web-based network of systems that captures and displays important information about the Buhari Plan and the progress made by all actors in implementing it. From a single interface, the Dashboard allows decisions makers to have access to actionable information that can be used to actively track and account for the performance of the PCNI mandate.

Data Source: PCNI

How The PCNI Dashboard Will Operate

The Dashboard involves tracking of twenty one thousand plus projects, it is meant to track projects and interventions across the six states and the 112 local government areas in the North-East zone.

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It is designed to aid and connect thousands of North-East Stakeholders including the Federal and State Government Responsibility Actors, Development Partners, international and Local Aid Agencies as well as Local and International Private Sector Donors.

What are the Three Things The Dashboard Will Do


The Dashboard will ensure the effective and coordination of programs and projects in the North-East region, thereby ensuring the efficacy of interventions, mitigating against duplication of efforts and leveraging already deployed capacities/resources to minimize waste and maximize impact. By providing a ‘big-picture’ view of all interventions across the region, the Dashboard will allow PCNI to coordinate activities, identify gaps and answers such questions as who is doing what, where and when as well as such questions as ‘are we accomplishing our goals?’ ‘What percentage of need is being met?’ ‘What impact is being made across the zone?’ ‘What trends are we seeing over a period of time?’ etc.


The Dashboard is also designed to have an active user interface that immediately displays useful, organized and analysed information on all Stakeholders’ activities in the region; and presents an online, up-to date Matrix of interventions in the region-a critical database for all planning, collaborating, coordinating and program development/deployment.

The Dashboard also allows PCNI to collaborate with other institutions (e.g UNOCHA, MDAs etc) for purposes of date exchange and information sharing.


The online Dashboard also includes an M & E component that provides an intuitive gauge of progress and real-time trackers that can be understood at a glance without specialized knowledge. The system uses a combination of graphs, maps, ratios and bullet points to communicate and summarize the progress made by all partners towards the implementation of all NE interventions. It also tracks the overall accomplishments of strategic goals identified for the regions, clearly and automatically depicting them as the underlying project data is updated on the system.


Step 1. Organizations intending to register their presence on the Dashboard submit their contact details via the PCNI Stakeholders URL:

Step 2. PCNI uses the details submitted in step 1 to pre-register the organization on the Dashboard. An e-mail is automatically sent to the organization’s registered email with a link to fill out details of their profile and complete the registration.

Step 3. Once the email is received, the organization clicks on the embedded link, completes their registration and begins to use the Dashboard.

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