Why Nasarawa State House of Assembly Should Reverse The Approval of Sales of State Asset

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Rabiu Omaku

When I had the interview granted a fragment of Journalists operating in the state by the commissioner of Finance given reasons why assets of Nasarawa State would get into the hands of the highest bidders I weep for my state and the incumbent State Assembly.

The reasons for the state government to let go those legacies shall never be forgotten so soon, in short nothing to celebrate ahead of 1st October 2017 which marks the 22 years of the creation of Nasarawa State.

Imagine how and why the Assembly members were shortsighted to weigh the implication of selling those edifices built at choice locations in Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna and Jos I weep for my state.

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The said Nasarawa Investment and Property Development Company was indebted  to the tune of N1.5 billion ,adding that the sales of the properties would enable the state government to settle liabilities, pay workers’ salaries etc., I weep for my state.

What the 24 members exhibited has never taken place in any state in the history of democracy, Our lawmakers were there when two civil servants were shot to death during a peaceful protest embarked by the Organized Labour but nobody says anything, imagine a sitting member, Hon. Galadima in an interaction with selected Journalists at the office of the Deputy speaker  averred that he was not aware of the killing of two civil servants at the entrance of government House, Lafia.

Again two students of Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia were killed by the police while protesting over the killings of their colleagues by a fast moving vehicle, one year after the murder case the Assembly is yet to issue a policy statement to that regard.

Under the watchful eyes of the fifth Assembly that Local Government workers are on percentage payment since November 2015,in relation to this many parents in my community of Doma withdrew their wards from Federal Science School, Doma while others patronizes public schools without option.

Our Assembly members were around when billions of our state resource develop wings as Tongye Construction Company that were contracted for the N17bn Kwandare International Cargo Airport disappeared into the sky, despite the agitations by the people of Nasarawa State, taxpayers money went down the drain,That money is enough to settle salaries and liabilities of NIPDC.

Where was the Fifth Assembly when the State Executive Council approved N6.1bn for another airport project again?

The fifth Assembly is around when we have a dysfunctional School Of Health Technology which cannot admit students.

Our current lawmakers are alive and only a course was accredited out of the many courses offered by the State College Of Agriculture, Lafia,With the backwardness of the institution is a serious obstacle to the agrarian state.

The present Assembly are on ground when the male hostel of the School Of Nursing and Midwifery was donated and converted to Nasarawa State Police Headquarters as male and female students shared the same hostel accommodation, this development is abnormal and will not augur well for the state and the imagine of the health institution. Nobody is against the ongoing sporadic development but due processes should be taken into cognizance.

Our members were around when the N400m meant to cushion the effect of flood disaster in 2012 was diverted to procured relief materials for Internally Displaced Persons in the last communal and tribal clash.

Our lawmakers are mute with the total blackout we are experiencing in Akwanga, Obi, Doma, though I will appreciate one of our lawmakers that supported his constituents during a peaceful protest in Akwanga.

Where are our lawmakers now that Fulani herders have taken over our grazing land, school premises?

Where are the lawmakers as the state government abandoned the multi billion Naira Farin Ruwa Hydro Electricity Power Project and rigmarole to solar power inspire of the billions sunked into the white elephant project by the initiator, Abdullahi Adamu inherited by governor, Akwe Doma.

It was under this Assembly that Nasarawa “On the Move”, Nigerian Newsday died a natural death and chunk of workers of NIPDC are redundant.

It was under this regime that Lafia Hotel was a sanctuary for reptiles and rodents and automatically deleted from the space of Nasarawa State.

Enough of our Sidon look, and the lawmakers should either take it or leave it, and should remember that election year is fast approaching and the populace of Nasarawa State would vote in favour of politicians with the dogma, stamina, agility and agile to defend Nasarawa State of our dream.

A stitch on time saves nine and reversing the sales of Nasarawa state assets is a sign of a good thing to happen to the 21 year state.

My good people of Nasarawa State you are all aware that civil servants that put in their best for 35 year while on active service to but we’re treated with disdain as they received their pension in percentage while the upward review of fives period was put under the carpet.

The worst of all was that nobody will beat his chest to give you the accurate number of civil servants with the series of screening exercise embarked by the State government and Syke bank, the office of the Head of Service cannot give you the authentic list of workforce at the state level either the ministry for Local Government and Certainly Affairs has the actual number of workers at the third tier of government.

In 2011 the salary of Local Government staff stand at N2.2,N2.3bn even with the retirement, death of workers on daily basis without replacement.

The national anthem of Nasarawa State is the first state to implement the new minimum wage of N18,000 is a tales by moonlight.

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