Nasarawa Crisis: Fulanis Planning Fresh Attack On The Eggons

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Though the violence rocking Nasarawa may have subsided for some period now, information reaching this medium indicates that if care is not taken, there will be fresh attack on the Eggons by the Fulanis. gathered there since the past week, there has been a report of messages from the Fulanis to the Eggons that they will attack them.
It was gathered that the Fulanis has been going to Eggon villages where they are informing non-Eggons that they should pack out as they are coming to attack Eggon people soon.
According to information available to medium the Fulanis have sent out messages to the Eggons in their respective villages that they will carry out the attack on them after Christmas.
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However, it is not certain when this attack will commence, but there are indications that the messages from the Fulanis to the Eggons are not mere saying.
It will be recalled the crisis between the Fulanis and the Eggons has taken a lot of lives, as well properties worth millions of lives has been destroyed.

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