Nasarawa Council Polls: Why APC May Not Win The Election By Rabiu Doma, Nasarawa

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  • Party Chieftain Accused Interim Executive Of Mass Exodus Of Supporters

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The fate of the ruling APC in Nasarawa state ahead of Saturday 22/3/2014 Local Government election remains blink following the internal brawl that rock the party aftermath of the congresses of the party held in the 13 Local Government of the state.
The party is descending to the abyss due to the way and manner the interim committee chairman handle the affairs of the party has his personal property, The outcome of the primaries has raised dust which still linger still few hours to the council poll.

The lackadaisical attitude of the state executive would have adverse effect on the chances of the APC winning the 13 Local Government, The recent campaign rally which kick-start in Toto Local Government and ended today in Lafia ,The state capital  is an eye opener that the PDP may have soft landing in some Local Government due to the internal wrangling in the APC.
While hopes of the APC to rig council poll diminished due to the laws enacted by the state House of Assembly to ensure free,fair and credible council poll in the state,This laws are some of the herculean task of Governor Almakura.
Is no longer news that the outcome of the Local Government election will determine the fate of the incumbent, Governor, Umaru Tanko Almakura returning to the shendam road Government House come 29thMay, 2015.
The campaign rally in Toto witness low turn out of party supporters, but was peaceful, The vast number of people that turn out are under age.
In Nasarawa Local Government the rally was rowdy following a disagreement between the supporters of AhmedJibrin Ibrahim the popular candidate and the supporters of Ahmed AliyuTijjani,It was a free for all fight as supporters of Jibrin shouted on Governor Almakura to come down from the podium.
In Karu Local Government, The rally witness the presence of crème de la crème of the area,It was the most peaceful campaign rally  but no single decampees  were welcome to the APC.
In Keffi Local Government,The campaign rally was peaceful in spite of the rumpus exhibited by some aggrieved youths,Youth in their multitude burnt down campaign podium  in Keffi  which foist the party to relocate to emir palace,The chances of winning election is clear.
In Kokona Local Government ,The rally was devoid of protest,The campaign train witness impresive crowd and was crisis free,The chances of PDP winning Kokona is uncertain as APC remains the winning party.
In Akwanga ,The party remain the winning party been the country home of the interim committee chairman,Stanley Buba,The campaign rally witness unprecedented crowd movers and shakers of Mada Land,Other yardstick was that the chairman contender is popular in his Local Government.
In Wamba Local Government ,The APC may have a landslide victory with the popularity of the chairmanship aspirant,Musa Wayo,The campaign rally witness large turn out of party supporters.
In Nasarawa Eggon,The turn out is impressive,The turn out may not be unconnected to the popularity of the chairmanship contender,Danaladi Galle,The fate of PDP in tomorrow’s Local Government election remain blink.
In Keana Local Government,The APC may clinch the Local Government,The conglomeration of calibre and timbres of Keana in the party is a deciding factor that the part may scale through.
In Awe Local Goverment ,The party may have  feild day,The aspirant for chairmanship going into his impecable credential may have a landslide victory.
Obi Local Government is not exception of the victory of APC winning chairmanship slot,The party has  mammoth supporter.
In Doma Local Government,The chance of APC winning the Local Government is uncertain due to the internal wranglings in the party,The PDP may clinch the chairmanship slot been the country home of the former Governor,Aliyu Akwe Doma,Henry Omaku may not have a better time ahead of tomorrows election.
Lafia,been the state capital is for the APC,and the emergence of Governor Al-Makura as the chief executive been an indegine of Lafia Local Government.
It could be recalled that the Interim chairman of the All Progressives Change, Stanley Buba has threathen to resign his portfolio as the leader of the party in the state.
His threat to resign follows the intervention of the state Governor in the conflict that blanket the outcome of APC primaries in Akwanga Local Government.
It was reliably gathered that the embattled state chairman of the party was held bend to plant his stooge as the chairmanship contender of his Local Government.
Stanley Buba raise eyebrow that his candidate must be,an interest that did not go down well with the Interim Committee Chairman of the party following the announcement of the substantive winner who is not in the good book of Stanley Buba.
The expectation of the chairman of the party to manipulate the party to his advantage  was not feasible, This foist him to threathen to resign from the party if not the outright intervention of party chieftain from the state.
The emerging crisis in Nasarawa APC may not be unconnected to the high handedness of the chairman, it was authoritatively gathered   that the internal squabbles that force Damishi Luka to decamp to the People’s Democratic Party was the appointment of Stanley as the ICC of the party.
A decision that is causing Nasarawa APC a sleepless night, It was unfolded that the state Governor appoints the embattled chairman of the party without consulting his second in command.
The political enmity which sandwich between Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura and his Deputy, Damishi Luka Barau has extended to a national issue as the presidency wades into the rumpus.
Onlookers in the APC are pointing accusing finger on the Interim Committee Chairman for fueling thecrisis, Stanley Buba was accused of handling party affairs as his personal property.
while complain against him was that he reject phone calls even at the time of need,According to available information ,the chairman was prone to anger when sensitive party issues where brought before him.
The outcome of the Local Government  primary election is a clear factor that Stanley Buba is out to ruined the party which he did not labour for.
The decision of the state chairman and the party secretary speaks volume of his leadership style which was mar by selfish interest and dictatorship,This among other factors  will affect the landslide victory of the new party.
The victory of APC ahead of 22/03/2014 Local Government election  is in limbo  with the gravity  of internal rumpus as the deteline for the substitution of candidate elapseselectorate threathen to decamp to the opposition party,The PDP.
Some party elders attributed the present happenings to the headship of the party,An elder from Nasarawa Local Government who pleaded anonymity apportioned blame on state excutive of the party for compromising their job.
“He succeded in ruling our party and even have the gut to threathen his resignation”A Government official who pleaded anonymity described the state executive of the party as low rangers.
“None of them can deliver his polling unit,ward or Local Government”said a party  chieftain”.

In the heat of  the internal crisis in the APC ,The also experince mass exodus of party stalwart to the opposition party,The PDP,The decampees includes the state Deputy Governor,Dameshi Luka,Senator Solomon Ewuga,Haruna Kigbu and David Embugadu

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