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My Conditions To Work As Social Media Agent For Bauchi State Government

By on January 30, 2017 0 18 Views

Kassim Abubakar Gamawa

The most dangerous trend in the world today is the growing awareness of the common man – Brzezinsky 1978.

Having Contacted several times, imploring and pleading me to co-opt and serve under this incumbent administration of Bauchi state Government as (Social Media Agent). Subsequently, I have been receiving a lot of calls, texts, and even holding a physical discussion with many people some are my buddies, masters, mentors and some were even friends to my elders but since then, I neither accept nor reject the offer due to some reasons of mine. Henceforth, I now decided to respond and reveal out that, for me to work in this Government  the following conditions must be met:-


  1. I will not propagate false information fabricated by the Government with the aims to win the mind of the common men.


  1. I will act as subservient, whenever the Government do rights I will appreciate and therefore when otherwise I will also condemn it.


  1. I will not collect anything from the Government or from any persons in the Government as salary, wages, allowance or incentive, I will do it voluntarily (what I need is just appreciation and encouragement).


  1. As a matter of quick and possible, I want the state Executive Council led His Excellency, Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar Esq and the legislative members especially (Federal Representatives of the state) to stop the ongoing Game of Blames and war words thereby resolving the linger political dichotomy. Since, the popular African proverb says “When two elephants are fighting it is only the grass that suffers”. Moreover, Allah S.W.A in suratul Hujjurat says “Fa’aslihu” (make settlement) and so also in suratul Nisa’i where He says “Was-Sulhu-Khayr” (and such settlement is the best).


  1. I will not counter those who criticise the Government with a lucid facts because constructive criticism aways keeps Government on the right direction.


  1. I will not use the slogans which are being using monotoriously by (‘Yan Social Media tayi dadi) like “Gwamna baya ‘karya”, Makama Babba Alheri ne, Bauchi Sai Barrister, 4+4 which is equal to 8 by using fingers before snapping pictures, and a lot of likes.


  1. I will not be the agent of character defamation just like some folks are doing, whereby innocent high personalities attacked deliberately for political reasons.


  1. I will not exaggerate lie.

The last but not the least, its an advice to the beloved Government of my state, of course, we are in 21st Century, the century of (Social Media) where Politicians, Academicians, Governments, and Companies are using the forum to persuade and publicise their products and policies. Similarly, most of our today’s youth are using social media to express their incisive views and discuss their problems, so any attempt to indoctrinate or leverage them by paying them a little amount of money (temporary job) meant to campaign for you in the so called media would not succeed and your target will not be achieved at the end of the day.

Instead of that, let the people have the belief and trust in you by giving them all their necessary democratic needs and demand, rights and privileges. I have optimistic assurence that, by doing so, the people will come and do it voluntarily by themselves. Comparatively, take a look at Baba Buhari, he had only three Media Aides namely; Malam Garba Shehu, Mr. Femi Adeshina and (Comrade Bashir Ahmad) a friend and mentor of mine in struggle, but the popularity of his Government spreads in the World like CORRUPTION in Nigeria through intellectual write-ups, articles and rejoinders by the prominent and famous individuals.


However, as a concerned and responsible citizen of the state, I suggest that the Ministry for Social Media Affairs acronymised (SOMA) should be established which supervised by S.A Media as Commissioner so that our youths would be able to secure permanent job. Therefore, I will be glad to join your train if the above mentioned conditions are fulfilled.‎


In conclusion, I pray and I hope the Government of my state will keep politics aside thereby co-opting intellectual and progressive oppositions for the benefit of the commoners.

-Ya ALLAH! Grant our leaders the ability to help and deal with each other;

-The understanding to settle their political differences;

-The patience to deal with this current hardship situation of our state and the country generally;

-The trust and endurance to carry each one another. AMEEN Summah AMEEN!

Yours Obediently,


(Sardaunan GAMJI & A Concerned Citizen). Writes from Gamawa LGA, Bauchi States.  ‎08027674655, 08145674615 [email protected]


– Senior Special Assistance Publicity and Media, Bauchi State Government.

– All Media and Press


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