Musa Azare Appointment: Salute To Governor Bala Muhammed For A Wise Decision

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Citizen John Akevi

A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have but how many leaders you create–Mahatma Gandhi.


Your Excellency, Governor Bala Muhammad CON


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It takes wisdom and courage to lead.


And as Ghandhi aptly pointed out, it also takes exceptional qualities to recognize men with the mettle and substance to make significant contributions and to help derives your vision and take Bauchi State to the promised land.


Indeed the decision to appoint Musa Azare as  SSA PROJECT MONITORING can only be described as wise, timely, and a masterstroke. It is a testament to your qualities as a leader who has the best intentions for the state.


In the choice of Azare, Mr. Governor, you have confirmed that those who have served with selfless spirit, dedication, and loyalty, even at personal cost, will have opportunities to continue to strive to improve the lives of their fellow citizens.


Certainly, everyone who knows Musa Azare will agree that he is a man of deep wisdom and insight. He is a man routinely acknowledged for his integrity and who never leaves anyone in doubt about what he stands for.


This endearing, hardworking and quintessential gentleman is one man that has consistently added value to humanity through his life of sacrifice, love, and service laden fellowship to the course of humanity and service to God.


His credibility and passion for service also count as positive in the attributes that qualify him.


As a leader with exceptional strength, ability, and vision. Musa Azare lived his life with honesty and integrity and has never been afraid to roll up his sleeve and get dirty in order to satisfy the good people of Bauchi State in particular and Nigeria as a whole.


His words are bankable assets. This is one man who will not make any promise he is not sure of fulfilling

them in the name of politics.


He is one man who makes himself available and accessible to all. His humility and simplicity is second to none.


He allows sincerity and truth to be his watchwords.


Mr Governor, Musa Azare’s appointment has thrown your administration into euphoric fits of pleasure and expectation. All the nooks and crannies, business, and political circuits of Bauchi State are ecstatic with joy.


It wouldn’t be hyperbolic to say that Musa has a patriot’s heart and the soul of a revolutionary.


Appointed SSA PROJECT MONITORING with a view to serving as the unsullied force of hope that would endow Governor Bala Muhammad’s patriotic, heartfelt efforts to rid the state’s projects of ineptitude and corruption.


Today I choose to celebrate this exemplary man of sterling example which we are replicating in government, and in all our endeavors.


May Allah guard you and guide you sir. May Allah continue to elevate you.

Congratulations to a good man at heart and our boss.


I rest my pen for now!

Citizen John Akevi write via [email protected]

Tel: 07037017010 08188188081

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