Middle -Belt Visionary Minds Expresses Shock Over Rising Issues Of Violence, Agitation

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Yakubu Busari

Following the insecurity that bedeviling Nigeria and many other critical issues currently threatening Nigeria’s corporate existence, “Middle-Belt Visionary Minds (MVM)” has expressed their displeasure over political hatred to cause confusion.

In their press statement by MVM made available to this medium in Jos, the convener, Mr. Reuben Agoh Apatak (Kishitito), MVM, “said that one of its major aims is to create nation cohesion and unite Nigerian together to project positive image of the country rather than involving negative tendencies.

According to him, this movement was burnt out of deep concern and genuine reason to promote mutual respect and national cohesion.

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Apatak explained further that they are all aware of conscious unique identity which is peculiar to us, we are committed to lending our voices to nation building.

The statement disclosed that, as patriotic citizens they are determined to start a solution driven process, beginning with a Summit/Symposium to find tune the way forward for this great country.

He noted that “following the agitation for or against restructuring, arising from different quarters in this nation and one will wonder how much of this agitation is driven by a quest for national progress”.

Comrade Apatak maintained that, as patriots, they are determined to a solution driving solution to the process end violence agitation so; It is in the light of this that, the Middle-Belt Visionary Minds, is set to host a Summit/Symposium on the way forward for our great nation, Nigeria.

Theme: Middle-Belt from Our Founding Fathers, Vision Sustained and Advanced or Neglected and Abandoned”, according to the members, “is to bring participants from across the Middle-Belt region, to deliberate and present a common position on the agitation for secession and restructuring Nigeria.”

He also stressed that, “the features of the event will include, public lecture, paper presentation, panel discuss, questions and answers and a communiqué from the region.

“The summit, in a bid to create awareness seeks to answer questions such as, where did we come from? Who are we? And where are we going?

The following personalities who are the convener,  signed the press  text which include, Philip Davou, Arin Nyako (Esq), Nenfort Cliff Gonchen, Steve Ahile (Esq), Samuel Buge, Inalegwu Audu, Dr. Joel Ebute, Hon. Zakka Kadiya, Rita Akson, Matthew Akor, Philip Tala, Daniel Asama Obed Obadiah, Labaran Mark Jok, Victor Taiba and Legnan Ezekiel Dadang.

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