Late Solomon Lar Dreams Will Continue In APC By Yakubu Busari,Jos

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The APC Governorship  Aspirant Hon. Alex Kwapnoe has  told Journalists that the  vision of Late Solomon Daushep Lar will continue in All Progressive Congress to  help  redeem the lost glory of the state.
Speaking with some session of Journalists yesterday at his office in Kalwa secretariat the state capital of Plateau state.
Kwapnoe described the late Solomon Lar as a great Emancipator of the middle belt people whose vision of  transforming  and  creating more schools to help  the less privilege access western education.
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According to him,why I joined APC is because of the level of impunity ,injustice  in PDP that make  me to  decamped to APC so that I will  reunite  the people of the state.
Kwapnoe said, the big problem that is facing leadership of  PDP in Plateau Is ethnicity ,tribalism   ,we should treat everyone equal nobody is above the law .
The same government that make  laws   later its will contribute in  bridging the law ,when there is  injustice killing will not stop but when the government is operating on impunity you will find people fighting for their right.
“I promised to give priority to education if elected , the developing society like Asia  and India their government  provide qualitative  education to help build confidence in their citizens lives ,so that  is one area you cannot compromise on  the standard”.
He noted that the people of plateau state deserve better live ,I will restore happiness to the good people of Plateau .
Jos Capital  used to be very peaceful in those days  when people are free to interact with one another  everyone enjoyed the rule of law then ,he said .

Kwapnoe lamented that lack of peace is the major cause of  poverty  by PDP government so we shall ensure that Emancipation continue by providing free scholarship to the children of less privilege in the state.

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