Langtang North Populace Cries Out Over Shutdown Of  Langstar FM In  Langtang North LGA 

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Yakubu Busari

The people of Langtang North Local Government Council, have cried out over the neglect of the Langstar FM Radio station by the Langtang North Local Government Council, under Hon. Hon.Zulfa Rimven following the shutting down of the Radio which provides vital news to help the people of Tarok nation.

Our medium gathered that the station that services the entire southern zone was forced to stop transmission following its breakdown.

The people, including elders of the council, have complained bitterly that information gathering in the council has been broken down since the radio station is no more airing.

The expressed sadness that the APC under the leadership of the present regime brought untold hardship to the residents of Tarok land and its environments.

Speaking to the listeners of the station in Tarok and its environs, they lamented that the information that educates and enlightens them is no longer there, saying the APC denied them by cutting them from the national grid.

The station has stopped functioning since December 2021.

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