Land Tussle: Nasarawa Monarch Debunks Denying Tiv Communities Indigent Certificate

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Rabiu Omaku

The Oso Kadoko of Kadarko in Keana Local Government of Nasarawa state,HRH,Fabian Orogu has debunked allegations leveled against him for heralding  the denial of an indigenous certificate to Tivs in Gidan Halima community,The monarch in an interview rebuffed the statement as a false claim meant to disrepute his reputation.

The monarch at the weekend said the petition written by people of Gidan Halima claiming the genuine ownership of Kadarko was a fabricated and distorted information told to gain public sympathy,The paramount ruler disclosed that his office as the custodian of the people would continue to accommodate all and sundry devoid of their tribe and belief.

Fabian Orogu stated this while reacting over the controversial plot of land ceded to Fulani herdsmen by the monarch,Saying Tiv community for the third time were granted their request of relocating from their original place of abode,He however, maintained that the Tiv community sought for request for relocation closer to town even during the reign of his father,Uncle and his elder brother and all were granted.

“But to my surprise they are saying I ceded a plot of land to Fulani and my action may ignite crisis ?,These are fictitious and false claim,I have good intention for my people and our reason to allocate that land to Fulani herdsmen was to accommodate everybody,We are not Tiv that don’t want to stay or leave with other tribes”.

” You people are Journalists and you have your ways of writing your reports,We in Kadarko accommodate Eggons and we have Angwan Kuje and among settlement of Eggons,We accommodates Tivs apart from Gidan Halima but is hardly you see houses belonging to other tribes among the Tiv settlement ,We also have Fulani settlements,Our intention of accommodating Fulani was to ensure that we have total peace in case they owned houses and properties they would not foment trouble again”.

“And for the record during the ongoing work by the Federal Government on high tension poles,Tiv communities within that axis were compensated and relocated to a safer place,What do they want from us,They failed to declare that they were compensated.

” Internal wrangling between the warring group of Tivs which are Ipusu and Nyamadaga clans has taken another dimension,and the only way to settle this cacophony was to allocate it to other people not Tiv,we in Kadarko we are dealing with Tiv not Tiv clans no matter where you come we will continue to bring every tribe together and by so doing a total peace will ensure in our land.

“The Tiv are saying they are the first to settle in Kadarko,I agreed but go back and asked them who is their paramount ruler,If they answered the question automatically then they are the first comers”.

The Tivs are having problems   even within themselves and the only Tiv we recognized is William Koyo and after his demise Christopher Ngongbon took over,This cause a kind of chaos between Ngongbon family and Tiv of Gidan Halima who were in court for mischief ,This compelled Kadarko community to seed the controversial land to Fulani.

Besides,The worst done to Kadarko community was that they encroach our land with the fair accommodation and recognition we accord them,But they didn’t tell you that the invaded our land by erecting graves,wells and structure in our plot of land without seeking for our permission.

Dennis Autsa ,The spokesperson of the community accused the monarch of seeding the land to Fulani herdsmen,as he said the action of the paramount ruler will spur crisis,Tiv leader accused the monarch of displacing them from their original abode through the high tension poles installed by the Federal Government.

Tiv also accused the Oso Kadoko for plotting the kidnapping of Titus Dana by the monarch whom they said connived with vigilante from Keana Local Government,Titus Dana in an interview said he was tortured by the vigilante group,”I’m not allowed to comment over the matter.

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