Lamba Market Wase On A Deplorable State Of Collapsing -District Head  Raises Alarm

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Yakubu Busari & Bello Shannawi lamba

The aftermaths of interreligious conflict in the Wase Local Government Council of Plateau State have continued to affect the business activities, revenue generation, and economic well-being of the natives.


Lamba market was the second largest in Wase LGA and among the oldest markets since time immemorial where traders traveled from the length and breadth of Nigeria to visit it, where they purchase goods at very cheaper rates.

Our correspondents, visited the Lamba market last week to access Its activities, that market takes place every Thursday where heterogeneous people come in mass for transactions of different kinds of businesses.


The image of the market diminished day in, day out because of improper management and lack of intervention from the government and causing low revenue to the council.


The district head of Lamba Alhaji Usman Adamu Manzo lamented over how the government abandoned the market as nothing tangible is done for the progress and development of the market.


Alhaji Manzo further said, because of the lackluster attitude of the government,  that is why the market provides low income to the local government council.


He added the market as one of the oldest lack cattle points and a mini abattoir for the butcher to use.


The district head called on the government and other agencies to come to their rescue and build a standard and modern market.


Meanwhile, the head of the market square Mallam Yusuf Muhammad said, the market has only two buildings for marketers and is very short for marketers to transact business.

He added that most of the marketers stayed under a tree while others stay in the sun to sell their goods and services.


In the same vain the Madakin Lamba Justice Isa Garba expressed his dissatisfaction on how the market was abandoned which led to irregularities from the marketers.


He added the market lack public toilets, motor park, slaughterhouse, and even supervision from the environmental officers


Madakin Lamba appealed to the government to come to their aid as the market is on the verge of collapsing..

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