Lalong Uncovers N188m Contract Fraud From The Jang’s  Govt

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Yakubu Busari

LalongThe Committee set up by the Plateau State governor, Barrister Simon Bako Lalong to investigate the contract for the purchase of clinic equipment for the new government house, has alleged that it has uncovered 188 million Naira inflated deal.

The committee which was chaired by Dr. Nandul Durfa, made available that his committee had found that there is were an absolute falsehood and lack of transparency in the contract sum.

According to the committee report, ‘ from the beginning, N188,000,000, was deposited into  a private company account by the directive of one Dr. Femi Ale but we could not find where the former Governor, Jonah David Jang directed that the Money for the purchase of the equipment be given to Dr. Ale, ” the report added.

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It further explained that Ale signed an international supply contract of medical equipment with a German company, without the knowledge and  input from the ministry of Justice and health which according to the report such  action was  lack of patriotism in the side of those handling the contract .

The further explained that there were over-invoicing of equipment, and sample of only 17 of the major equipment which indicated a difference of over N53 million, was expected to be withdrawn by Dr. Ale to the Plateau State Government.

He, however, said that the committee noticed that apart from payment of the N188m, for the purchase of the equipment, Dr. Ale also made the transfer of some funds into Nkwai Ojo Integrated Concept Ltd.

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