Lalong Pays Traditional Sallah Homage To Muslim Ummah

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Yakubu Busari

Simon-LalongGovernor Simon Lalong has received the entire delegation of the Muslim Ummah on the Plateau on the significant occasion of the traditional Sallah Homage.

He expressed confidence that in spite of the challenges that we are confronted with as a people, the public statement of support received from the Muslim Ummah is reflective of the fact that we all committed to having a united people on the Plateau destined by God to live together in peace and harmony.

He was thankful to God that this Sallah celebration was done without any threat to life and property that has become the characteristics of the Boko Haram Threat to peace.

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“Our collective efforts in ensuring community vigilance, public order and the sustenance of religious teachings that engender peace and harmony are no doubt the necessary ingredients that will continue to enhance our peace building efforts on the Plateau.

“As a Government we have resolved that we will stop at nothing in ensuring that all worthy contribution that will enhance our peace building efforts are tapped so that we successfully nip in the bud all potent threat to peace and peaceful coexistence on the Plateau, he explained

According to him, the place of religious and community leaders in this peace building efforts will not be relegate to the back ground.

Adding, he said let me use this opportunity to urge all the Moslem Ummah to sustain the place of the spiritual benefit of the Ramadan Fast in all that will be done to ensure that the true virtue of faith are lived in all facet of life. It is only in our efforts as people of faith to give good expression to our conviction of faith that we show our devotion to the Almighty God.

As we look forward to Government delivering on her promises to the electorate, may I sue for your constant prayers, support and understanding with government in the face all the competing demands.”

“Let me congratulate you on an eventful Sallah Celebration and to wish you well in all your endeavours, he added.”

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