Lalong, Jang In War Of Words Over Committee’s Report On Financial Mess

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Yakubu Busari

JangVsLalong-e1433336365230Former Plateau Governor Jonah Jang and the current governor, Simon Lalong are said to have engaged each other in war of words over report of the Tyoden led committee’s report. According to Lalong through his Director of Press, said; “ On  Saturday, 15th August, 2015 the papers are a washed with an empty attempt by Barr Olivia Dazyem the immediate past Commissioner for Justice of the Jang Led PDP Administration on the Plateau to make a desperate response to the report of the Professor Sonny Tyoden Led Transition Committee on the State of Affairs of Government as at the point of handing over to the APC Rescue Government of Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong.”

The Director of Press affairs to Governor Simon Lalong ,Mr Emmanuel Nanle in press statement made available to media said that ,the Government of Plateau is to say the least was not surprised at the effrontery of the former Commissioner to justify the venality that has typified the state of Plateau under the Jang Administration with only the summary presentation of the reality which his government struggled to conceal with the last minute contraption packaged as a handing over note to the discerning Plateau Citizen.”

The desperate quick response of Barr Olivia Dazyem even before the full disclosure of the Transition Report is at best the antics of a drowning man who will grab at any straw; this is what government makes of the desire to rubbish the Transition Report that the Jang Team is not privy to but yet quick to prematurely issue a position on, simply because of the presence of some people in the transition committee which Barr Dazyem listed as having a bone to pick with the Jang administration.”

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“Truth be told; every Plateau person of conscience should be concerned about the huge resources claimed to have been expended on the Plateau without commiserate reflection in the well being of the citizenry.

The attempt of Barr Olivia Dazyem to jettison the message which the Plateau Citizens have not yet heard a full disclosure of is rather prejudicial and for her as a Lawyer is simply a case of averment without evidence.”

The Jang Administration cannot be a judge in their own case, Government only plead with them to be patient until the report is made public to the citizens of Plateau before they have their own defence but until then let the people of Plateau be the Judge in this matter and like the saying goes;

Let them not be quick to plead not guilty before the charge is read and the question concerning their pleading is asked by the Plateau people.

We rest our case because there is posterity ahead and a duty incumbent on the Lalong Administration to ensure that the Plateau People’s fortune are not further left in the hands of people who have treated them as mere commodities in the market place.

It will be recalled that the Former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice under Governor Jang,Bar Olivia Dazyem last accused APC Government in the state that  its lacks  vision and will to sustain the giant strides of the immediate past PDP administration and instead has resorted to engage in smear campaign.

The former commissioner who is now legal counsel to Sen.Jonah David Jang in recent statement accused the administration of Lalong for none performance.

She explained further that ,some group of persons who served in the first tenure of Sen. Jonah David Jang has chose to denigrate the second tenure because they were dropped.

“we wish to state categorically that those who served under Sen. Jonah David Jang are not opposed to inspection of the previous administration’s activities. Our stand is that such exercise should be done within the ambit of the law, due process and fair hearing.”

“We expect that as an administration that came into being on the “Rule of Law ” mantra, its actions must be devoid of any semblance of witch-hunt, vendetta and the like. In the interest of justice, we aid that those actors in the previous administration be given the opportunity to defend their actions and/or inaction while carrying out their assigned duties and responsibilities.

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