Lalong Is The Worst Governor Ever In Plateau’s History-Group

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Yakubu Busari

Plateau Governor Simon Lalong, has been described as the worst governor every produced in Plateau by a group known as One Plateau One. According to the group in statement, it said; “Rt. Hon. George Daika alongside other distinguished aspirants like Hon. Kemi Nshie, Senator Victor Lar, Prof. Shedrach Best, and Engr Ibrahim Ponyah are more credible alternative to replace Governor Simon Lalong who has not only squandered the populist sentiments that brought him to power but also has cemented himself as possibly the worst Governor in the history of Plateau State.

The group accused him (Gov Lalong ) to be an Esau who have betrayed and sold his people just like Lalong is planning to  sell the Plateau heritage for a mess of porridge.

The reminded the Director of Press to the Governor, that, it is incumbent on you to educate and not misinform the public.

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According to the statement; “It is perplexing what you sought to gain by misinforming the public that the Government which you are an appointee did sponsor 50 current Ph.d holders in Plateau State University”.

The statement further said; “even a sophomore student in the University knows that it is impossible for a Government less than 3 years to have sponsored 50 successful Ph.d students.

“It was gathered that Plateau State University witnessed its first convocation for which I have timeously praised Governor Lalong, we must nonetheless appreciate the investment of the Government of Dariye and Jang on the University.

While Dariye laid the foundation and infrastructure of the University, Jang despite his fallibility, did invest in PLASU if not so the University wouldn’t have been able to access TETFUND whose intervention built infrastructures in the school and sponsored the over 50 Ph.d students you fraudulently claimed to be an achievement of the current Government.

“It would have been apt if you had quoted the financial commitment that the current Government has committed to PLASU so as to guide the reader.

“You erroneously stated that Governor Lalong completed the Riyom Hospital but failed to admit that it was under his tenure as Speaker that monies budgeted for that hospital alongside that of Bokkos were cornered and misappropriated and to further to debase your assertion that Lalong completed abandoned projects, then Governor Jang completed the Bokkos cottage hospital despite the fact that it’s predecessor awarded contracts and paid for the two hospitals.

While I concede that indeed Governor Lalong has a project called “Bank Alert” to his credit,  what of other sectors?

You did mention physical infrastructure but failed to quantify the kilometers of roads and bridges constructed by the Government and their cost.”

“Is it because you are knowledgeable about the fact that what the Government has achieved in terms of rural and urban infrastructure is not up to 60 Kilometers? One of the signature sentiments this Government sold to the Plateau people was that of over concentration of projects in Plateau North senatorial district, a fact that the current Government is contradicting.

The statement signed by D’yong Mangut; “Sir, I crave your indulgence to the fact that Plateau people deserve a better deal which the current Government unfortunately  is not offering.

Lest posterity be unkind to us, advice the Governor to direct the remaining part of his one tenure to good governance.”


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