Lalong Endorses Prof Daduut  ,Plateau APC Southern Zone Rejects

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Yakubu Busari

I Read With Surprise And Enthusiasm The Commissioner Of Information, Hon. Dan Manjang’s Response To The Widespread Fact That Gov. SB Lalong Has Endorsed Prof. Nora Daduut As His Preferred Candidate For The Forthcoming Plateau South Senatorial Bye-Election.


Ordinarily, I Would Have Dismissed It As A Very Bad Public Relations Job By Someone That Is Paid To Defend His Principal, Even If He Erred.


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To Therefore Set The Records Straight, I Will Want The Commissioner To Answer The Following Questions; 1. Did The Chief Of Staff Really Hold A Meeting With Prof. Nora Daduut In Guest House NO.1? 2. Did Nora Daduut Embark On Consultation As Alledged In The Interview I Granted? 3. I Want To Ask All APC Stakeholders When Prof Daduut Joined APC. 4. Who Gave Her Waiver To Contest The Senatorial Bye-Election Election? Because The Party Is Already Comatose.


From These Questions It Would Be Noted That The Party Cannot Give Our Collective Mandate To A PDP Because She Has Never Voted For APC Before.


I Can Also Tell You On Good Authority That Two Weeks Ago The APC LGA Exco In Shendam Held A Meeting, Where The Chairman, Alh. Awwal Intimated Them Of The Governor’s Preference For  Prof. Nora Daduut. But Hardly Had He Finish His Speech That He Was Manhandled By His Executive. I Can Also Tell You On Good Authority That The Plateau State Government Is Equally Dangling Both Carrot And Cane To The Dully Elected 17 Local Government Chairmen. Infact, Plans Are Already At Advanced Stage For The State Government To Illegally Dissolve The Councils If They Fail To Go Along The Government’s Preferred Candidate During The Forthcoming Primary Election In The Southern Zone. That Being The Case, The Other 11 Council Chairmen From The Central And Northern Zone Are Already Mounting Pressure On The Other 6 Council Chairmen In The Southern Zone To Save Their Heads, By Going Along With The Preferred Candidate. This Is Intimidation Of The Highest Order.


I Also Want To Let Dan Manjang And The Plateau State Government To Note That, In Conflict Management Anybody That Forment Inequality And Injustice Is The Very Person That Has Brought The Necessary  Ingredients For Crisis And War, And By Implication, He Is The ” Merchant Of Conflict”, And In This Instant Case It Is Gov. Lalong And His Chief Of Staff That Are The Crisis Merchants, Who Stand To Benefit From It When There Is Armed Conflict Because They Will Overdraw Outrageous And  Ridiculous Amounts In The Name Of Security Vote.


In The Same Vein, If Care Is Not Taken, I Bet You, Southern Senatorial Seat Will Elude The APC, For Several Reasons. In The First Place, The State Chairman Of APC, Chief Letep Dabang Is No More In Charge Of The Party Apparatus In The State. Infact, The APC State Party Secretariat Is A Ghost Town Where Only Lizards And Other Rodents Are Its Occupants. This Is So Because The Functions Of The Party, The Secretary To The Government Of The State And Indeed The Entire Civil Service Have Since Been Usurped By The Chief Of Staff, Government House.


Finally, I Will Want To Draw  Gov. Lalong’s Attention To  Gal. 6:8, ” Whoever Sows To Please Their Flesh, From The Flesh Will Reap Destruction;…” I Have Always Referred Lalong To The Holy Bible Because I Want Him To Discountenance The Counsel Of Some Of His Associates Whose Stock In Trade Is Primitive Accumulation Of Wealth. A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE.

Jimmy Nanyak Lar A member of the APC writes from Jos

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