Laide Bakare’s Ex- Husband Olumide Okunfulure Blows-Up From His Base In The USA.

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  • Says My Marriage With Laide Is Still Unbroken

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Yoruba Top Actress Laide Bakare’s estranged husband,Olumide Okunfulure have open up on the recent media reports that he has been dumped by his wife Laide for another man. Speaking with universalreporters.infoon Phone from his base in the USA, Olumide opens up on the legality of his marriage with the actress, paternity of their child and his wife alleged infidelity. 
The Excerpts
Briefly tell us who Mr. Olumide Okunfulure is?
I am an American business man base in the United State of America, (USA)
Could you please tell us more why decided to leave your base in the USA and got married to an Actress here in Nigeria.
There is nothing like home, I have dual citizenship. I am also a citizen of Nigeria from Ile Oluji, in Ondo State. My parents are in Nigeria and they wanted me to marry Yoruba Lady not American or Jamaican, which would make them to have me around them.

There have been several media reports, back home here in Nigeria that Laide have dumped you for another man, what is your take on this?
Our marriage is a legal one, not cut and join and the process of divorce must be done in legal way if anybody want to quite the marriage for God’s sake. Two people cannot be forced to stay together, if one is not serious.
One the reasons that was cited in the media was that you were dumped by Laide because you are already legally married to another woman with two children, how true is this allegations.
My wife Laide has never been faithful wife from the beginning. It was a pity that people who do not know her as wife, actress and mother wish her well but she was not going towards that direction. How would I marry two wives legally in Nigeria with the available law that condemn it, by now I should be in jail? How come she has not gone to court instead of media for separation, separation can only come through the court. America government gave Laide green card because she is legally married to me, we did court wedding in Nigeria also. When she was suppose to be a faithful wife, she would leave her Matrimonial home to stay with married men in Lagos in the name of career lady or actress, I am not always in Nigeria what would I do? There was a time she left her baby with me for eight months in America in the name of a career lady, that I had to become nursing father but I have been trying to manage my home the way I could, not to become nuisance.
So are you saying Laide cheats on you?
Yes of course! She did both in the past and now because of her so called acting career.
If you says she is cheating on you now and also have been unfaithful in time past, then what do you make of your child’s paternity.
I have made up my mind that my doctor should begin the processing of DNA of our daughter to know who the father is whether Mr. Tunde Oriowo’s or I, this is because she came to the USA to take the child back to Nigeria illegally. As I am talking to you now the child is with her.
So now what are your plans for your marriage with her?
Marriage is for better or worse, no matter the area your marriage is facing you, face it and you will get result. If she came to me because of green card, she has gotten one. If she also came to me because of child, she has also gotten one,  provided the paternity of the child is confirmed, if she want us to separate, we can also go to court and settle that for our individual future to be determined for good.

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