Labour Party Candidates Drag INEC‎ to Court‎

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  • As Princewill says, “at the end, Rivers State will win”

The Candidates of the Labour Party in Akulga/ Asalga Federal and State Constituencies in Rivers State have registered their disenchantment and disapproval over what they termed “ostrich game” played by the Independent National Electoral Commission pertaining to the conduct of the recent Rerun polls (Federal and State Houses of Assembly) in Rivers State.

In a statement signed by Douglas Dodiyi – Manuel (Candidate, Akulga/Asalga Federal Constituency), Ted Dagogo Princewill (Candidate, House of Assemble ASALGA Constituency 1) and Saturday Dabotubo Ngoji (Candidate, House of Assemble ASALGA Constituency 2) said “INEC appeared to have deliberately covered its head in the shameful and dirty political sand and consequently neglected or refused to perform its duties without fear or favour. Rather, INEC finds it convenient to call for a fresh re-run each time the elections are marred by violence and killings instead of wielding the big sick against the known perpetrators of violence and anarchy so as to move the State forward and improve our electoral culture and expectations.”

Continuing, the candidates said “it is disheartening that INEC has failed to initiate a proceeding to disqualify the candidates of the two political parties that have held the State to ransom shedding innocent blood in the process. The Electoral umpire has chosen to treat the gladiators and perpetrators of mayhem with kid-gloved hands and conveniently call for re-run which is bound to produce the very same scenario and predictable result that would be no reflect reality.

“It is irrational and unfair to lead us and our teaming supporters into a fool’s voyage with proven lethal ends as our electoral process is now associated with dynamites, guns and other weapons of war.

“We therefore resolve as follows: “That we shall withdraw from further participation in the endless charade of an election except INEC initiates a proceeding to the effect of punishing or disqualifying the candidates of the political parties who persistently perpetrate and sponsor violence against innocent Rivers people.

“That INEC should refund our expenses with regard to the last two botched polls and compensate us monetarily for resources and time wasted in the botched polls.

“It is on record that INEC omitted the name of a major political party in the Result Sheet of Asari Toru Local Government Area. This is a patent illustration of INEC’S inefficiency and unpreparedness for the Election that culminated in the wastage of our time and resources on the one hand, and the needless death of innocent citizens and the perpetration of mayhem.

“We shall therefore initiate legal proceeding to seek redress against INEC if it fails to perform its statutory duties by complying with this demand.

In Prince Tonye Princewill’s response to this development he simply said: “If democracy is government of the people by the people and for the people, things have got to change. It is illegal to be legal in an illegal society”

He also added that, “Those who say this election was bad, have no clue as to what the 2015 election was like. If politicians have no alternative to politics, then their politics will remain do or die. Especially when death has no consequence on earth and God forgives freely while Nigerians forgive freer. INEC is now a referee that can’t even issue red cards.”

“My advice to my people is – do all you can to remain peaceful. God is not sleeping and every cloud has a silver lining. Justice is not far away. The war between Wike & Amaechi is almost over. Mark my words. And the winner will be Rivers state.”

By Hector Spiff

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