Katagum Youths Commend ICPC For A Job Well Done For The Recovery Of Diverted Items Meant For Katagum Constituency Project

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Katagum Youths has commended the Independent Corrupt Practices And Other Related Offences Commission, ICPC over their discovery of items meant for constituency project which diverted by a former House of Representatives member.

The Youths said it was two months ago or so that the ICPC has embarked on Constituency projects Recovery from members of the 8th Assembly in which they have so far recovered Tractors from A senator From Bauchi State.

They also said Three ambulances, mattresses and other hospital Equipment from Reps Member in Edo State.

Two weeks after that the former Member representing Katagum Federal Constituency at the Green Chamber has started executing some Projects which were allegedly being diverted by him when he was in office.

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The projects include Drilling of Boreholes, Installation of Solar street lights and Construction of Mini sports complex in some areas within katagum Constituency, although he claimed that all the projects were in 2018 Budget.

The Youths argued that even if the Federal Government is to release those Projects it’s going to be channeled to the new Reps Member not the former. It’s clear to the public that the former Member had wanted to divert those projects for his personal use.

Speaking,  the group asserted that allegations have proven that the recent takeover of the squandered projects is a clear picture of the hidden figures channeled to personal and nepotic benefits of the former legislator. It is a clear fact and not just a hypothetical indicting against him.

He further reinstated that more developmental projects are certainly yet to be retrieved as the former legislator is pressed against the wall by the ICPC. This great venture endeared by the ICPC is a courageous bit of hope for the Masses who suffer the consequences of political corruption in Nigeria; rendering the manhunt of public embezzlement universal, which no one can escape in spite the person’s status or position. In correspondence with the recent raid, an everlasting example could be achieved, making it viral to whoever is incumbent that the watchdogs are really alert and awaken even without barking at them at the time they breach the border.

Katagum is a Federal constituency and or any other part of the country or Nigeria as a single entity shall not be allowed to be tampered with or taken for granted by any other person in whatsoever way. Our democracy is still young and requires devotional nurturing and sacrifice as to maintain the rule of law and for the betterment of the people who have been suffering horrible afflictions and for the unborn generations to come.

Currently working on the mantle is a man whom the people (especially women and youths) have a sense of humor, great hope and expectations on him to deliver diligently and to heal the deep wounds injured to them at his level. However, the optimism of the great people of Katagum is at its peak towards him as well as the struggle continues to evaporate.

Consecutively demanding from the currently serving Reps to make sure that no stone is left unturned in the manhunt of the recovery of the diverted projects and to collaborate more with the anti-corruption bodies for an effective outcome of the investigation.

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