Jukun Forum Uncovers Fulani/Hausa Secret Plot To Raid Wukari Town

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Yakubu Busari

The Jukun community ,says it has uncover plot by the internal and external Hausa/Fulani to take over Wukari local government of Taraba state .

The Jukun community through a group operating under the aegis of Jukun Progressive Forum raised the alarm that the good relationship being enjoyed between the Muslims and Christians in Wukari in Taraba state is now under threat.

Addressing newsmen at the state secretariat of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, NUJ Press Centre in Jos the Plateau state capital on Saturday, the group, said it is equally untrue that the recent crisis which occurred on Sunday , November 8, 2015 in Wukari was political as owing to result of the governorship election petition tribunals ruling.

The spokesman of the group , Rev Anthony Bature  said the continuation of the series of Ethno-Religious misunderstanding which started since 2013 between Christians and Jukun traditionalists on the one hand and Muslims on the other hand is Just out of the blues in an effort to sell the Jukun Land.

“A document containing a proposal for creating 33 grazing reserves exclusively for the Fulani herdsmen surfaced in Taraba state.

These Proposed grazing reserves are said to be duly surveyed and demarcated by some supporters and collaborators of the Fulanis without the knowledge of the owners of the areas.

“By and large, we strongly believe that the raging violent conflicts in Taraba Southern Senatorial districts have not abated because it is part of the expansionist agenda of the Fulanis to subjugate, displaced them and take over and monopolize places, especially the Jukun land that do not belong to them “.

“Land is an integral part of a people’s cultures and source of livelihood of all societies”

“We will therefore not allow agents of destabilization to cause disunity among the various ethno- religious groups in our dear state.

“We have co existed harmoniously with some Fulani pastoralist over the years.  However any sudden appearance of proposed grazing reserves in our areas will certainly deal a deadly blow to this good and peaceful co existence between our people and some of the Fulanis “.

” It should therefore be clearly made known that the people of Taraba Southern Senatorial District can no longer fold their hands and see their land being arbitrarily allocated to the Fulani Herdsmen in the guise of providing grazing reserves without following due processes and ensuring equity , fair play and Justice to traditional land owners as provided by the law “.

“We therefore appeal to the Taraba state government to investigate how these so called proposed grazing reserves came about without following due processes of obtaining the consents of the traditional rulers or the local government councils.

“The so called proposed 33 grazing reserves in Taraba state, on doubt portends serious danger in the state and it should be nip in the bud before it sets the state on fire.  Taraba state needs all the peace it can get in its quest for harmonious co existence and rapid development, conditions which will be undermined by the so called 33 proposed grazing reserves.

According to him “we must emphasize in strong terms that as welcoming as we are , we would never allow outsiders to impose themselves on us and to undermine our rich culture and tradition which is the source of our identity and Pride.

“The Jukun will continue to open their doors to all people irrespective of their ethnic, religious or political background.  What we will not sacrifice is our land, source of live hood , independence , freedom and culture bequeathed to us by our ancestors.

Bature also said that “Accusations have been severally levelled against the Jukun by the Leadership of Miyetti Allah Association of Nigeria for being behind series of cattle rustling in Taraba state.  This is indeed preposterous as the Jukuns are largely farmers and fishermen and cattle rustling have never part of their culture, rather it is the pastoral Fulani themselves that have the skill and have been known to steal from among themselves all this while.

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