Jos-North Lobby For Acknowledgement, Recognition & Participation From Baba Buhari

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Since the beginning of General Muhammadu Buhari joining politics in 2003, Jos-People stands with him unconditionally. Jos-People are amongst the few communities that gave their unwavering supports to General Buhari, they are second to none. In all the elections General Buhari contested, Jos-People either came first, second or third in terms of total votes casted by LGA. Jos-People deserves ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, RECOGNITION and PARTICIPATION to benefit from their love/believe for Baba and supports for All Progressive Congress (APC).


At the start of the 5th republic in 1999, Jos-People were mainly in different political parties, with majority in APP and PDP. Jos-People divided their votes between APP and PDP in almost equal proportion. In 2003, when the game changer joined politics and decided to participate actively, the politics of Jos changed completely where over 80% of Jos-People stamped APP as their party due to General Buhari’s joining APP. The slogan within the Jos ranged from “SAI-BABA-BUHARI” and “SAI-MAIGASKIYA”. This’s due to the love/believe and trust they have for BABA-BUHARI (as they fondly call General Buhari) because of their believe in his honesty, integrity and personal conviction of him taking them out of uncertainties. They strongly believe with Baba Buhari things will change completely, they shall have their basic rights, privileges and better standard condition of living.


During the 2003 elections, Jos-People gave Baba-Buhari/APP the highest votes casted by LGA in the whole of this country. Jos-People followed and stood by Baba-Buhari/APP throughout his/their sojourn at the Courts. Even after the Supreme Court Ruling, Jos-People didn’t forsake Baba-Buhari, instead their love for him increased.


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When APP metamorphosed to ANPP, Jos-People were not left behind. They moved to ANPP following their “MAI-GASKIYA” (Trustworthy). During the 2007 elections, Jos-People did not disappoint at all, they campaigned, mobilized and gave their votes again to Baba Buhari/ANPP. They gave massive votes (A Kapa, A Raka, A Tsare), they still maintained their first position in terms of votes casted by LGA as they did in 2003.


In 2009 when General-Buhari formed a new political party unilaterally, The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), he wasn’t disappointed by Jos-People, to them it was a welcome development and a dream come true to have/join a political party formed by Baba-Buhari. Most ANPP members and others from their parties joined CPC. The Jos-People took CPC as their personal party, they opened offices and printed campaign materials, within the shortest time CPC became a household name. From that moment, the world knows Jos-People are Baba-Buhari People. It also became clear to all aspirants/candidates irrespective of political affiliations to identify with General-Buhari for them to be recognized by Jos-People. Aspirants/Candidates across party lines started printing their campaign materials with Baba-Buhari pictures by the side of theirs.


When 2011 election was conducted the whole Nation saw the votes Jos-People gave their hero (Baba-Buhari/CPC). During the elections, voters slept at polling units, the old, weak, sick and women were allowed to cast their votes first while the youths waited till late nights/early morning to cast their votes. It was during 2011 presidential election a pregnant woman nearly gave birth on the queue but for the intervention of other women who helped her to a nearby house to deliver of baby boy that was named Buhari. It will interest you to know the woman (mother) came back after delivery and casted her vote for Baba-Buhari. This is just to show/tell you the kind of unprecedented love Jos-People have for Baba-Buhari.


There was tremendous joy when Jos-People heard CPC and other political parties amalgamated to form All Progressive Congress (APC). Joyous and prayer session where held for the success of APC. 98% of Jos-People became APC members. Jos was decorated with APC colours, posters, etc. The APC phenomenon was so overwhelming that good candidates were sacrificed for others. Those that contested under the party of Baba-Buhari/APC became “saints” and won all elections within Jos. The old, young, men, women, boys and girls all came out and voted the syndrome “SAK”. All APC candidates didn’t do much campaign as Jos-People are for Baba-Buhari/APC/SAK.


When Baba-Buhari was declared winner of the 2015 presidential elections, Jos went agog with funfair, music and dancing. Jos-People slaughtered cows, rams, chickens and cooked varieties of dishes, it was weeklong celebrations. Sadly, some even lost their lives and some got injured from accidents during the celebrations.


Expectations were high/ripped, unfortunately Baba-Buhari named his cabinet without a single person from Jos-People. The ministerial appointment that came to Plateau State, went to Plateau-South that have the sitting Governor. Jos-People weren’t considered in any federal political appointment, not even for minor consideration. We have teeming qualified unemployed youths and no single feasible democratic dividends that can positively change the lives of those whom gave so much for Baba-Buhari. Jos-People are mostly self-employed, the roads linking Jos to Kaduna, Kano and other business areas are death traps, Jos-People are not even considered for the few intervention programmes. We believe Baba-Buhari knows our plight and we are expecting so much from him. When shall we reap from what we sow?


With all the disappointments and pains, hopes are not lost. Again during the 2019 presidential elections, Jos-People came out in masse against all odds, intimidations and difficult terrain and did what they know best and good at, they overwhelmingly voted their Baba-Buharin-dai! There was even a case of a young man that was bedridden, he asked his father to help him to the polling unit to go vote for Baba-Buhari, he later died few minutes after casting his vote for his beloved Baba-Buhari. Another aged person slept for a week at his polling unit due to distance and wanted to be first person to vote Baba-Buhari, another was carried in ambulance to his polling unit, some were harassed, intimidated, denied voting but Jos-People votes still remained votes to reckon with. Many Doctors/Lawyers offered free services during the election period to ensure Jos-People votes count.


Baba-Buhari, you promised considering those that supported you and loyal to APC. We wish to draw your attention to Jos-People that supported/labored/loyal to your course since 2003 till date. The benefit of politicking is ACKOWLEDGEMENT, RECOGNITION and PARTICIPATION. We, like any other community have the manpower/capacity to assist you/APC in moving this great country to the NextLevel. We request for inclusion into all democratic dividends, appointments, employment, etc.


Baba-Buhari, it may interest you to know we have capable tested sons with capacity and track records of achievement. Hon Ibrahim Dasuki Nakande, former Secretary Jos-North LGA (1991–1993), NITEL Territorial-Manager Lagos (1997–2000), former Minister of State for Information (2007–2008); Hon Shehu Saleh Hassan, former Member House of Representatives (2003–2007); Alhaji Danladi Pasali, National Coordinator Buhari Campaign Organization (BCO), Hon Bashiru Musan Sati, Secretary Plateau State APC. Even in sports, we have one of the best sports administrator, Hon (Dr.) Suleiman Yahaya Kwande a great son and loyal party member. He is two term member representing Jos North/Bassa Federal Constituency (2011 till date). He refused joining team with Hon Dogara and sided with Hon Gbajabimila due to party loyalty. He refused overtures to decamp to other parties when others did. He was promised automatic ticket, stayed when he lost the primary election and worked vigorously for APC in all elections. Hon. (Dr.) Kwande was Chairman, Mighty Jet Football Club Jos, 2000–2010, Pioneer Member, Nigeria Professional League (NPFL), 2006, Elected Member, Nigeria Football Association (NFA), 2010 till-date, Member, House Committee on Sports 7th Assembly, President, Nigeria Beach Soccer, 2015-2018.


While Jos Baba-Buhari’s supporters are not all Fulanis, they however imbibe the Fulani culture of shying away from begging. That was why all these while we keep quiet and render our unquantified support for Baba Buhari since he started contesting for the leadership of this country. We are however forced this time around to beg, (or put in political term, lobby) for ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, RECOGNITION and PARTICIPATION. We acknowledge the fact that the outgoing Sports Minister is from Plateau State. If Baba will retain this position and same be given to the most qualified person for the position who is one of us, we will appreciate it and become fulfilled.




Hon. Inuwa Othman (AnaTare)

Stakeholder, APC Jos-North

[email protected]


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