Jonathan Will Beat Buhari Any Day– PDP Youth Vanguard

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We have noticed the attack on the person of the National Publicity Secretary of our great party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olisa Metuh, by the All Progressives Congress (APC), using one of its numerous faceless groups, this time, The Salvage Group.
We know that the APC leaders have lost credibility and have no other option than to adopt the use of phony groups in addition to pseudonyms in the social media to castigate our party and its leadership. We would like to assure them that their agenda has failed abysmally woefully.
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For the avoidance of doubt, all members of the PDP are solidly behind Chief Metuh and we are satisfied with the way and manner he has been discharging his duties as the image-maker of our great party, especially in highlighting the ideology and achievements of the PDP while exposing the undemocratic tendencies of the APC and its agenda to destroy our nation.
We are not surprised that the APC has continued to attack the person and office of our National Publicity Secretary which is part of their plot to tarnish his image, cow him and deny the PDP a credible voice.
We know that the APC is hurt because our party’s publicity machinery ably coordinated by Chief Metuh promptly exposed the incompetence of its presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, and the fact that the party is being controlled by a power hungry cabal led by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, whose mission is to take over the economic and political interests of the nation.
APC leaders are angry because their fake messianic posture and sinister agenda have come to light and Nigerians are no longer fooled by their antics. For this we have no apologies because for Chief Metuh, it is Nigeria first and not any godfather or selfish interest.
The APC must realize that they are fighting a lost battle. Our Presidential flagbearer, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will defeat General Buhari any day any time. He has done it before and he will do it again. Nigerians will continue to support the PDP. They know better and will never entrust the leadership of the country to incompetent persons and sectional bigots tele-guided by a tiny cabal of selfish individuals.
Hon. Crescent Ogbu,
National Publicity Secretary

PDP Youth Vanguard

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