Jonathan Lost Because He Insulted The North Says Kwankwaso

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Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso the Kano State Governor, on Monday said that President Goodluck Jonathan lost his bid for a second term in office due to what he termed having wrong people in his government.
According to Kwankwaso; “He didn’t know who is who in this country; he was just looking at faces and those who were dressed very well. He meets them at the airport and he smiles and says ‘these are good people,’ he sits down and listens to gossips, ‘oh this man is bad, this man is good in so, so, places’ and sometimes he doesn’t even know the names and at the end of the day he made a big mistake by picking the wrong people.
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“Our leaders who were in this game before us, those who were in the 1st Republic especially, told us so much about our friends in this country and if you happen to come from South-South, where they were very close to our leaders, they had done everything possible to work with that part of the country. But of course (Jonathan) misused the opportunity to the extent that many of us felt that with him there, we have no future as a people and as individuals and that is why we had to come and organise ourselves to defeat him.”
“Look at what the wife was saying that northerners were bearing children and throwing them away. How could you say that to northerners? With due humility, we are masters of the game. You cannot stay and insult us and get away with it.
“Democracy is a game of numbers, whether you are almajiri or professor, everybody has one vote; that was why we went back and put almijiris together to get about two million votes.”

According to him further he said;  “Nobody was important, even those of us who have high population and number of people in the country, those of us who by the grace of God have the confidence of our people, were not being carried along by the PDP.”

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