Jigawa Government Set To Empower Women By Umar Faruq Usman Dutse

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The need to improve the lives of the women folks from mere house wives to the economic productivity group has been the pre-occupation of a conference organized by the ministry of Women Affairs in, Jigawa state in collaboration with some non-governmental organizations.
The commissioner of Women Affairs of  Jigawa state Hadiza T. Abdulwahab has said the essence of the conference was to find ways of improving the lives of women in order for them to contribute to their families and socioeconomic activities of the state.
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Hadiza stressed that some of the potentials available for investment by women in Jigawa state who include up to 49 percent of the population includes light manufacturing in oil due to the availability of sesame seeds, Fashion, tourism, food processing, storage and transportation as well as education.
According to her, women can participate in the cash crop economy in the areas of gum Arabic, Sugar, Jethropha and Sesame.
The Secretary to the state government Lawal Abudu who represented the state governor said that Jigawa State government has a deliberate policy to register or accredit business by women within two weeks of application.
He stated that the state government is waiting to implement the recommendations of the conference.
He then urged women in the state and beyond to seize the opportunities available to participate in the socioeconomic activities of the nation and above all strive to be educated.
The Key note speaker Professor Uma Abdulwaheed said like in the Asian countries, women should be encouraged to actively participate in the economy by being creative and task commitment.

The representative of  GEM3,  Kabir Kondwell added that the integration of women into the mainstream economy will affect the social well being of everybody  and the time for them has reached to start with now.

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