2015 Guber: APC’s Ubale Declares In Jigawa, Says Sule Lamido’s Government Has Failed

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Photo Credit: Isabohadejia Blogspot
Most of the projects pursued by the present regime of Governor Sule Lamido Of Jigawa State especially in the rural areas don’t have meaningful bearing to the lives of the citizens who are mostly dwelling in rural areas in the state.
The above statement was contained in the speech read by Hornarable Ubale Hashim Yusuf Hadejia who declared his interest to contest for governorship ambition yesterday at Aminu Kano Triangle in Dutse to run for governorship election in 2015 in Jigawa State
According to Ubali said in a rural state like Jigawa which is predominantly rural and agrarian state in nature investment in agricultural need to be the priority of any government in power because the amount spent in building, for instance the construction of airport and other unnecessary infrastructures by the present government of Sule Lamido if it is invested in Agriculture sector, the government would have made Jigawa state attractive to investors both local and international
Ubale said his government if voted into power will give much attention to the area of agriculture in order to strengthen the state comatose revenue sector and also boost industralisation in the state.
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We are going to revive agricultural sector and “we will transform our farming system from the age old subsistence method to modern mechanized farming where our farmers would be producing in large quantity” he stated.
Explaining further that he said Jigawa state is one of the youngest state in the federation which was created in 1991 but since then there is little to write home about as far as development indices are concerned despite the huge amount of resources allocated to the state government, as it successive governments failed to manage these resources and channel them toward development in the state.
Assuring that if elected as Jigawa state governor in 2015 his government will make serious focus on agriculture by making good supply of fertilizer to farmers at a cheaper price and provide soft loans;  with little or no interest to both farmers and investors in the agric sector so as to encourage people to invest in the sector.
While in the area of education he said “ it is our cardinal objectives to make sure that Jigawa citizens get free and qualitative education from primary up to tertiary level” he insisted
Adding that APC has a free education among its cardinal objective and our government will see to the actualization of such a lofty objective because we want our children and the youth in the state to be opportune to get free and qualitative education in their home state
Speaking further he said,  all the primary schools will be rehabilitated and secondary schools too adding that teachers will received proper training and provide teaching facilities to schools in the state  to make learning easier from the primary to secondary level
He further explained that his government will do its best to reduce the level of poverty in the state to very minimum level within the first two years coming under his administration by introducing job opportunity to people in the state
“In Jigawa state our problem is not only indecent but also corrupt and inept leadership under the present PDP government therefore  applying detergent while sweeping away this dirt will not only desirable but necessary” he stated

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