Jigawa Commissioner For Works In Near Fight With Party Official At Party Secretariat By Muar Faruq Usman Dutse

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Jigawa State Commissioner of Works Alhaji Baba Aliyu yesterday engaged in a near fight with PDP officials at the Jigawa State PDP secretariat. The commissioner was at the party Secretariat to purchase form for his friend Alhaji Bashir Adamu Jumbo, who has contested five times for the Federal House of Representatives.
Trouble started when one of the party officials from Kaugama Local Government said that the form will not be sold to him, and the situation then created an exchange of words between the Commissioner and the Party official.
The whole scenario thugs who hanged around the party secretariat  begin to pour abuses on the party official who was having the war of words with the commissioner, while some were also trying to break the door of the office of the Party chairman in order to penetrate and beat up the officer, whom they  accused of abusing the Commissioner of Works.
According to the commissioner,  he said, he was aggravated because the party sold form to former Minister Of Education , Professor Rukkayyatu who also send someone to come to the party office to buy the form for her, and why should their own be different.
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Meanwhile, addressing newsmen, the Chairman of the PDP in the state, Alhaji Salisu Mamuda Kiut said it is his personal resolution that that the form will not be sold to any person who didn’t come to the party by himself physically and that the person must be there with the  chairman of the Party at the Local Government Level.

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