Jalingo NOUN Study Center To Begin Enrolment Of Prison Inmates By Tom Garba, Yola

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The Jalingo Study centre of the National open university Nigeria (NOUN) has revealed their readiness to begin  enrolment of prison inmates in the center  like their other counterparts are doing in other states.
The Director of the study center Dr Mrs Elizabeth Sabo said the center has been having a yearly increase of students enrolment in the study center but lamented  that people who are well to do have  not been supporting and sponsoring the inmates through scholarships or academic bursary allowances.
According to her inmates on their own cannot sponsor themselves they need people to help them as the NOUN school fees is a bit high and only average Nigerians  can afford the means of schooling in NOUN.
The director who spoke through the Councillor of the center,Mrs Akafa R.Nyangwae appreciates the way people in the state are beginning to see the advantages in schooling  in NOUN and the good working prospect that lies ahead for the every NOUN student that graduates with good grade.
“Our people are beginning to understand that Open university is like other conventional universities if not better ,even now there are some organization that they prefer our graduates because of how they are trained as already made ones, Open university is actually an ICT compliance where students do their work mostly using computer and the internet for contact and research.” Akafa said
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She praise the way the study is picking up every year, with yearly students enrolment that is rising every academic session of the center.
“Every year we do have increase of students enrolment , last year we enrolled and matriculated over 200 students, this year i believe they will be more than 200 as students right now are still trooping to registered.”She added

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