Implementing Constitutional Reform Is Just A Selfish Interest…JNI Jigawa Secretary

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Usman Abubakar Adamu

Jigawa JNI accused federal government on issues related to constitutional reform, the state secretary of Islamic Sect Malam Muhammad Ahmed Babangida Hadejia made this known while granting an exclusive interview with our reporter before the round-table discussion at Jama’atul Nasaril Islam office in Dutse.

He warned the federal government to desist from implementing the regional system of government saying that if such action is implemented it will be very easy for minorities to boycott from the nation because there are some community who are agitating for their own country which if this is implanted they can use the opportunity to move out from the present government of the federation.

He added that he is not in support of these constitutional reform that will allow the formation of the regional government in the country maintaining that these system of federalism is the best system of government in the country because it is the only system that unite the nation which allowed Nigerians to work anywhere and also to stay anywhere in the country without any fear.

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He warned the leaders to desist from discrimination and application of ethnicity and religion tribalism in government, he charged the leaders to always apply justice so as to treat every person the same  without discrimination, he urged them to fear Allah in whatever they are doing because leadership is the act of God giving, “therefore leaders should implement justice while governing the people because they will answer question  hereafter on the day of resurrection.

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