If You Are Not Happy With My Appointments Go And Climb Kufena Mountains And Die, El-Rufai Tell Critics

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nKllJNGbjyAbMdtqllO1XXzvKaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai on Saturday blasted critics who accused him of being lopsided in his political appointments since taking office as the governor of Kaduna State.

The Governor who was answering questions at the 4th Town Hall meeting held in Kaudna Central said he will not offer appointments to those who didn’t vote him during the last governorship election that brought him into office as he said whoever that is not happy with state of affairs should go and commit suicide.

For the umpteenth time, critics has accused the governor of appointing his close friends, families and even none indigenes into high positions in his government.

Lately, the governor has been accused of recommending his cousin, Hadiza Shamsudeen,  as a ministerial nominee in the current government.

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In his words to his critics, he said; “If you are not happy with appointments made, you can go and climb Kufena Mountain, fall and die.

“It was what you voted for that you got, because we are aware that there are people who did not vote for us, in fact, they worked against us.

“But now they claim to be APC members and loyal to the party. We know such people. And so there is no way they would expect anything from us.”



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  1. syahaya says

    Total lie

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