Ibrahim Bomoi’s Thugs, Boot Lickers Are Confused Animals—-Tukur Mamu

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In view of the huge traffic, comments and the number of readers that visited our website at UniversalReporters247.com since we published a piece entitled “Gov Gaidam & 2019: Dangers of Blind Investment”, this paper left Abuja for Kaduna yesterday, Thursday 3rd August, 2019 to have an exclusive interview with the author of the said article and publisher of DESERT HERALD Newspaper, Mallam Tukur Mamu after our request for interview was reluctantly approved by him. In this short and precise interview conducted by Universalreporters247.com publisher, Israel Ohia, Tukur Mamu has answered questions and rejoinders to his earlier piece.

The Excerpts:-

What Prompted You To Write Such An Article

I feel it is time for us to do justice to Governor Ibrahim Gaidam. To put it on record how he succeeded in repositioning his administration after the initial hiccups. That will tell people that we just don’t criticise because we hate certain people. When you are wrong and going astray as a leader and as long as we have our facts, as the watch dog of the society we will say it for the purpose of encouraging you to make amends for the good of the society. The second reason of writing the piece is to advise the governor in view of the achievements he was able to record to ensure the emergence of responsible people as our representatives from Councillor to Governor in 2019. I emphasised on the need to have a suitable successor to governor Gaidam because when you have a good governor, other elected representatives will perform even because of their future ambition as politicians. That is why I focused on Ibrahim Bomoi because so far he is the only person that prematurely indicated his interest. He is a political novice. You can see that no real politician openly indicated and in violation of INEC rules his intention to contest like Bomoi did because he is not a politician and he doesn’t have educated people around him to properly advise him. His thugs believe that declaring and winning a governorship race starts and ends in Potiskum and precisely in Bolewa A  and B Wards. That is to tell you how naive and illiterates his blind followers are. So the purpose of my piece is to enlighten the decision markers, our elite and politicians not to even contemplate supporting a character like Ibrahim Bomoi into any leadership position in Yobe State because I have his exclusive record. They are not good for our state. I tried to explain the DANGERS OF SUCH BLIND INVESTMENT if any one and for any reason is thinking about that.

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They Said A House Of Representatives Member Paid You To Write Against Ibrahim Bomoi

I am sure and the fact is that their idol, Bomoi knows me very well; he knows that that can never happen. Is it the same Sabo Garbu that paid me to engage Ibrahim Bomoi and his minister, Bala Muhammad when they have the powers and resources to fight me, when they have the instrument of the police and the courts to persecute me? It is poor argument and shows how confused his thugs are. His thugs and boot lickers are confused animals. Garbu did not have the resources to buy me. Even their idol, Bomoi cannot buy my pen not to talk of the House member. If you read and hear all their ranting you will know that they are not only confused and frustrated but behave like a wounded lion, mad dogs.

Then What Stops You From Replying Their Rejoinders

Do you expect me to reduce myself so low to reply the ranting of political thugs, to reply to poorly educated people that depend on Bomoi to survive? Certainly I will never. I am above them and if there is any response I will give it should be directly to their boss, Bomoi and not them. So they should expect more of my write-up on Bomoi. Their idol can never be our governor. Governor Gaidam is not stupid and he loved Yobe State so much.

Did You Listen To Some Of Their Audios

I listened to some. They have indicted their boss more. That is to tell you the type of characters that surrounds Bomoi. Characters that if they are angry and the only way they can voice their anger and frustration is by abusing people’s parents and grandparents. They don’t have the brains to discuss issues and offer superior arguments. I always laugh whenever I hear such audios because they are giving enough reasons for the learned to place Bomoi where he rightly belongs to. Go through all my previous write-up on Bomoi or on anybody, I have never abused or discussed about peoples parents or relatives. I always engaged myself on issues and the subject matter. If I am to reply to their so called audios are you expecting me for example to also abuse their parents? Are you expecting me to also abuse Alhaji Habule Disa or Alhaji Hassan Damboa? Why will I? What is their offense? Why will I abuse them because of what their irresponsible children did to my parents? I respect Alhaji Habule and Hassan Damboa a lot. Their children should go and find out from them, I have interacted with their parents a lot and they respect me so much. And even if there was no interaction, even if their parents didn’t respect me, I don’t abuse peoples parents in retaliation to ranting of drug addicts. Abusing people’s parents especially the death will not make Allah reduce the Rahama He intends for them or will not make Allah to punish them in their graves. In fact, Allah will instead grant them mercy. So we don’t need anybody’s apology let them continue the abuses. They should instead go and ask the death to forgive them If they can.

So You Mean You Will Continue To Write?

Yes, as much as possible and as long as Bomoi is in politics. If they find out from Ibrahim Bomoi they should have known that such ranting and abuses will NEVER discourage, make or cow me to drop my pen. In whatever i do i know my destination, where exactly I want to go and what I want to achieve. They have also forgotten that Sen. Bala Muhammad and Ibrahim Bomoi at the peak of our crisis have recruited arguably the best writers one can think of in Nigeria to engage and suppress me but what is the result at the end? Bomoi can tell them the result if they have forgot. In our society, even an armed robber that kills and become billionaire as long as he can give them peanuts from the proceeds of his crime, the thugs, the boot lickers and the illiterates will support and die for him. But I repeat that we will never support Bomoi’s blind ambition because of what he is. His guber ambition is dead on arrival. If he feels offended he is free to go to court as he has done before or to plot another assassination attempt on me since he gives and takes life.

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