I Will Return Power To The People, Plateau Youth Candidate, Fabong Jemchang Pledges

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Yakubu Busari

A candidate for the Plateau Youth Council chairmanship position 2017, Dr Fabong Jemchang Yildam has advocated for better conditions for rural and urban youth if elected on the 22nd April, 2017.

He has promised to enlighten the rural and urban youth on value moral teaching for them to acquire skills acquisition training.

Dr Jemchang made this disclosure in an interview with the media on his plan for the post of chairmanship

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He said the task of transforming the youth is enormous that we must come together and agree because we found out that the biggest problem of Plateau youth we didn’t agree on one issue.

According to him, “Our character development has to be change by bringing people together to think as one family, we coming bear the burden with the aim at galvanizing the plateau youth to be more focus through which, we can negotiate, through which we can dialogue and through which we can move forward, and we are not in competition with anybody.

He noted that the compassion and zeal to deliver the youth of Plateau to understand the importance of being in leadership through purposeful leadership of carrying everyone alone.

“we want to teaching our people how to move out of poverty level so this is drive which we have got the blueprint we have been exceptional because we have been followers all this years and we learnt the intrigued of building confidence in the lives of our people at the grassroots”, he added.

Well, we had vision to better plateau youths, we have to start somewhere at aged of reasoning and many people will like to ask what are the age of reasoning, we must come together as people to agree to do setting thing, we found out that the big problem of managing the plateau youth we had to agree in setting things and of course our character content have to change that is why the slogan of electioneering campaign is “change the change”.

We are trying to bring to bear the experience of years we spent as followers of leadership to the youth coming with aim at galvanizing the plateau youth council to have a common platform to have imitative that which we can pursue things for ourselves not about a competition with anybody but about a compassion, we are not limited to protocol to payment this is movement and people may ask how to do this, we always say that we have a blueprint technocrats follower over the years to be good leaders .

We call on Plateau state government under Lalong to help create youth commission which is support to be data bank to access all the youth in the state as the fingertips of government.

He explained, the data bank that could have all this list of the youth including their details where they dictate what they have done, then, we keep the records as any available information data base.

Jemchang stressed that the commission will start to engage the youth on meaningful dialogue ,the purpose of employing the youth, youth that are engage will reduce high rate of criminal tendency to the barest minimum and restiveness by employing the youth to involve in investment that can never be lost is like investment in bank that can never be lost.

Even though the youth can bring about enhancement of our security, it does can bring about an increase in our economic campaign about growth and development for us in the plateau state.

Dr Jemchang pointed out, yes, you talk about the character content development, when we say let our people think not thinking critically, the would go to era that doesn’t make sense and I mentioned it earlier that we are not about competition with government either are we in competition within ourselves but we are only telling them that we are good enough to have right thinking and take our own decision for ourselves on what to do.

According to him, we will encourage the youth not just patronized in the plateau project but what is our own at the end of the day, when you sit down with the youth and help developed their characters content they themselves will not be used as mire stools by politician for creating problems is not just about winning is about managing our success and you know we need to also improve our wellbeing.

Please we are begging government to create the opportunity for us to be policy makers to create the opportunity for us to be stakeholders not just mire people will used but never be part of governance.

The day we are engage ,I tell you this problem will take care of itself alone because once your engaged you’re already a stakeholders so make sure that you speak for yourselves .You have drove the right to say this thing that is done is not right that is my concept of leadership.

He fingers that education is good but to the large extend it’s doesn’t make you better it only reduces chances of someone becoming a nuisance in the society, all you need to do i told leaders before gentlemen’s trying not to be a man of content but a man of value because when you have this value inculcated in you, you’re not going to struggle to compete with people .one of the major reason why this people were restive

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